Bridgestone produces green tires in Tianjin

Tianjin Pioneer Tire Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Japan’s Bridgestone Group and Tianjin Suihua Group, was the first company in the tire manufacturing industry in the world to lay the foundation stone for the green tire project. The project was listed as a key supporting developm---

Hebei Coal Leads in Integration and Startup

The integration of coal resources throughout the country continues to deepen. The reporter learned on the 18th that the "Opinions of the People's Government of Hebei Province on Promoting the Merger and Reorganization of Enterprises" was issued a few days ago. The document proposes t---

Media Comment: Why Electric Vehicles Slow Down

Nissan made it clear that it did not plan to introduce the Leaf, and instead bet it on the Dongfeng Nissan joint-venture brand Qichen; the earliest GM to introduce electric vehicles, and now Volt's attitude is also low-key waiting for the policy directive ... and the past two years Com---

"Golden Triangle" of the trend of hardware li…

[China Building Materials Network] Science and technology If you are bored at home, you may wish to study the instructions in the box, control the lighting at home, and enjoy the convenience and magic brought by the trend of technologicalism. As long as it is good, it is not afraid of expensive. I---