Equipment mold industry domestic machine tool equipment needs to improve the level


The production scale of China's mold industry now accounts for nearly 10% of the world's total, ranking third in the world, second only to Japan and the United States. With the rapid development of China's mold industry, the demand for machine tools and other processing equipment has increased greatly, and higher technical requirements have been put forward for machine tool companies.
Mold industry develops higher technical requirements for equipment
As we all know, the mold is a single piece of production, and has a specific user, the process characteristics of the participating products (mold parts) design, each mold product is complex, a large amount of processing procedures, high unit price. In particular, during the manufacturing process, the mold must be designed in accordance with user requirements for innovation and retrofitting. The entire process of installation and commissioning must also be constantly modified and adjusted. It is extremely important to monitor the mold in a timely manner. This is to mold processing equipment and measurement. The equipment made special requirements. The current key development direction of mold manufacturing is the three-dimensional design, analysis and manufacturing of molds; integration of mold software functions, networking, and intelligence; no patterning of mold production; single-piece high-precision parallel processing; few people, no one Processing. CNC machine tools are required to meet high speed, high dynamic accuracy, high rigidity, thermal stability, and high reliability. The supporting control systems have individualized features. Various advanced softwares realize openness and compatibility for the overall operation of the machine tool.
Electric processing machine tool is an important equipment for mold processing. Because more than 80% of electric processing equipment is used for mold processing, most electric processing equipment companies at home and abroad are developing electric processing equipment for the needs of the mold industry. In 2007, China imported 3,336 Taipower processing equipment. The average price of the imported electric sheet machine was 80,000 US dollars, which was similar to the average price of imported vertical machining centers. The mid-range models of Korean machine tools and Chinese Taiwanese machine tools have a good price/performance ratio. Mold companies have great appeal.
Industry experts believe that with the development of molds to a higher level, special requirements for processing equipment include: First, the increasing size of molded parts and the high productivity of parts require multiple molds, resulting in larger molds and large tonnages. Large-scale mold up to 100 tons, a few hundred cavities, thousands of cavities, mold processing equipment requires a large table, increase the Y-axis Z axis travel, but also has a large bearing, high rigidity, high consistency; With the increase of the hardness of mold steel materials, the mold processing equipment is required to have thermal stability and high reliability. Thirdly, for complex cavity and multi-functional compound molds, the complexity of the shape of the parts must increase the design and manufacturing level of the mold. A variety of grooves, a variety of materials in a set of mold molding or assembly into a multi-functional composite mold, requiring a large amount of processing programming procedures, with high deep hole cavity comprehensive cutting capacity and high stability, improve the processing difficulty; Fourthly, the refinement of mold processing has brought more attention to the compoundness and high efficiency of processing equipment. High-speed milling has many advantages such as high machinability, stable machining, small cutting force, and low temperature and deformation of the workpiece. Mold enterprises pay more and more attention to high-speed machining. Fifth, high-precision processing of three-dimensional surface of the die, and high dynamic precision performance Requirements, high-speed high-precision but also in the machine tool's high rigidity, thermal stability, high reliability and high-quality control system can be achieved in conjunction with the six; six is ​​the combination of processing technology and green product technology has been included in the company procurement equipment Within the scope of consideration; Seventh, the composite application of multiple measurement technologies, high-speed measurement and its reverse engineering have become the direction in which molds are involved in product development and design technologies.
The development of the mold industry brings a huge demand for equipment
According to relevant agencies, in 2007 China's CNC metal cutting machine tool production reached 123,200 units, an increase of 32% over the previous year, but most of them are economical CNC machine tools. Of the 7.07 billion U.S. dollars and 10.77 million machine tools imported, the mold industry needed a number of high-end and special machine tools such as gantry machining centers, CNC milling machines, CNC horizontal lathes, CNC grinding machines, and CNC punching machines, and the number has been increasing in recent years. keep increasing.
The number of CNC milling machines increased by 75.5% year-on-year and import growth was the largest, followed by the increase of 48.7% in the year-on-year volume of the Longmen machining centers. These two types of equipment are just hot spots for the mold industry. In addition, the enthusiasm for investing in equipment investment in the mold industry for CNC machine tools, horizontal (vertical) machining centers, laser processing equipment, and measuring machines continues to rise. We learned from relevant customs statistics that China's imports of CNC machine tools ranked Japan, Taiwan, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Switzerland, and the United States in order of quantity according to the number of imported CNC machine tools. The situation is consistent.
The level of China's mold production process equipment is still relatively low, and it requires a lot of additional advanced equipment. At present, most foreign-funded enterprises use key production equipment for mold processing in Japan and Europe and the United States; after the initial accumulation of the entrepreneurial stage, private enterprises have expanded mold orders to a higher level as they continue to expand, and have also purchased lower-level manufacturing equipment from the past. , upgrade to Japan, Europe and the United States mold processing equipment. At present, the use of Korean machine tools in China's mold industry is increasing. With the increase in the level of domestic CNC machine tools, it has also begun to be used by some mold companies.
Industry experts believe that the reason why Japan, Europe and the United States will occupy a monopoly position in China's high-end mold processing equipment and measuring equipment, in addition to their product quality is inseparable, but also with their strategy for the Chinese mold market. They often take the initiative to serve the strategy, with the mold users to develop the development of the machine tool mold special functions, customized body functions, has changed from the production and sales of machine tool products suppliers to provide users with a full range of solutions for service providers. In this regard, domestic machine tool companies still need to be strengthened.
According to the survey, the industry-wide average ratio of fixed assets investment and mold growth in the mold industry is roughly 1:1, and for some strong companies, their input can reach 1:1.5 or even 1:2. In the input of fixed assets, investment in mold processing equipment is above 80%. In 2007, the total domestic machine tool consumption was about 14.5 billion US dollars, equivalent to about 100 billion yuan or more, then the sales growth of 15 billion yuan in the mold industry in 2007 meant that the demand for mold processing equipment was about 15 billion yuan, accounting for the consumption of machine tools. More than 15%, coupled with the long-term investment in the mold companies, therefore, the huge market demand for processing equipment brought about by the development of the mold industry can not be overlooked.
Also worthy of attention is that today's mold companies to mold as a carrier, and actively explore the production of mold parts has become an important production method, mold companies purchasing equipment parts demand. In 2007, China produced 173,000 units of molding equipment, including 3,000 CNC molding equipment; 3844 imported forging stamping equipment, and 4671 molding equipment. Mold enterprises purchase forging and forming equipment, plastic molding equipment, die casting equipment, and mold manufacturing. Equipment and mold bundle extension industry has formed one of the industry's development direction.
Experts in the mold industry pointed out that the level and level of manufacturing capabilities of molds have become an important indicator of the nation’s ability to innovate. The superiority of mold manufacturing equipment is directly related to the level of mold technology. Therefore, it is hoped that the domestic machine tool companies can pay attention to this extremely promising market and provide more high-level processing equipment for the Chinese mold industry.

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