Manual hydraulic stacker purchase notice Manual hydraulic stacker quality judgment method


The manual hydraulic stacker is also called a manual forklift and is widely used in the stacking and loading and unloading of factories, workshops, warehouses and logistics. The manual hydraulic stacker, as its name suggests, is a tool truck that lifts items by manually hydraulically manpower. As manual forklifts are used frequently in daily work, it is critical to purchase a good manual stacker. So what should pay attention to the purchase of manual hydraulic stacker, how to determine the quality of manual hydraulic stacker.


Although the manual hydraulic stacker has a simple structure, it is also a technical task to select a good manual stacker. Here are some tips for picking up manual stackers!

1. Manual stacker spray paint effect: First, a good stacker truck, the vehicle paint spray effect is better, good manual stacker paint production, touch up very smooth, paint color is very bright and no paint odor. On the contrary, the poor quality of the stacker must be unevenly painted. In some places, black steel can be seen through the thin paint, which indicates that the stacker is not working well.

2. Hydraulic cylinders for manual stacker trucks: Hydraulic cylinders are the most important power components for the vehicle. Its quality and stability are directly related to the reliability and durability of the vehicle. For high-quality manual stacker trucks, the integrated fuel tanks are mostly used for the fuel tanks, and the outer walls of the cylinders are mostly covered with black paint. In terms of cylinder diameter, the greater the load, the corresponding increase in size. On the contrary, many of the poor quality manual hydraulic stackers use welded cylinders and the outer wall is welded, obviously for cost savings.

3, welding process manual stacker: Manual hydraulic stacker is the main structure of steel, fuel tanks, wheels. Most are connected by welding. Excellent welding, it feels very smooth and smooth without any sharpness. The inflection point of the steel is also micro-processed to avoid scratching the user. On the contrary, inferior manual forklifts, where the welding parts are all cut, are like sawing out with a saw blade. Obvious angular burrs are found in many places and there are few places or even no places. One can imagine how this product's quality is guaranteed!

4, the manual forklift truck fork quality: a lot of high-quality manual forklift truck is used forged fork, which is solid steel fork, this kind of fork can be very thin, the front section can be done within 1 cm to facilitate Fork pick up the goods. The cover-type forks used are also well-crafted, and each corner has original slip. On the contrary, the poor stacker truck fork is a welded steel plate with sharp edges and corners, and it is easy to hurt other goods. A person who is knowledgeable can see its poor nature at a glance.

5, manual stacker wheel: Look at the wheel material, bearing, pin and other parts of the process. Manual hydraulic stacker is not equipped with brake function. Generally a good manual forklift has a braking function, which is almost cut off in order to save costs.

6, the use of manual stacker feelings: Push the empty car by hand, feel the time to push the effort is not difficult, and the other vehicle there is no other noise. At the same time, it is necessary to use hydraulic pressure to use the following hydraulic lifting function to see if it is very easy, whether the lifting is stable and whether each hydraulic pressure is the same strength and the same distance is increased. When the pressure drop drops, it can adjust the valve accurately. How is the sound of the cylinder when it falls?

The manual hydraulic stacker is a non-polluting, non-powered loading and unloading product. In the industrial development stage, the demand for manual hydraulic stackers by enterprises and factories is also very large. Everyone can refer to the above list when purchasing. Point, you can roughly know the quality of a manual hydraulic stacker.

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