The 2nd Annual Conference on Chinese Manufacturing 2025 and Industry 4.0 will be held in Beijing


The Second China Global Conference on Manufacturing 2025 and Industry 4.0, sponsored by the Xinhua News Agency’s “Financial National Weekly”, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology International Cooperation Center, and Hua Cheng Intelligent, will be held in Beijing on September 24-25. The topic of "smart manufacturing system construction and implementation path" was deeply discussed.
It is reported that the 2015 “Global Conference on Made in China 2025 and Industry 4.0” took the theme of “The New Industrial Revolution under the Internet+” and in-depth analyzed the advanced concepts and best practices of the German “Industry 4.0”. This year's conference focused on exploring the path for the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing from traditional manufacturing to smart manufacturing.
According to the relevant person in charge of the Chinese system intelligence, one of the organizers of the conference, this annual meeting was held in the form of the main forum + five sub-forums. There are quite a lot of points to watch. There are both frontier trends and landing plans. The roundtable exchanges at the main forum will bring exciting and imaginative collisions between German and Chinese guests, while the sub-forum will focus on cutting-edge trends, solutions, best practices, China Manufacturing 2025 and government promotion, and smart manufacturing capital investment. Strive to explore a path of manufacturing upgrade with Chinese characteristics, let the intelligent manufacturing solutions come true, and let the smart future be clearly touchable.
“Intelligent Manufacturing” is a super-complex giant system that needs to implement the new industrial revolution from the concept popularization to real action, and it needs to implement new technologies, new standards and new models of industrial integration. The discussion of the implementation path of the annual meeting will promote the clear landing measures of Chinese enterprises and accelerate the pace of smart upgrades.
According to reports, there are dozens of important guests from China and Germany who will be present at the conference. Government officials from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, and Local Economic and Information Commission; and Huawei, BMW (China), Baosteel Group, HKUST, and DJI Innovation. , Siemens, SAP, Sany Group, Midea Group, Kingdee Software and other solution integrators in the smart manufacturing sector, as well as software and hardware suppliers, Zhenghe International Investment Fund, Advantage Capital, DACHEN Venture Capital, Silicon Valley Maker Capital, etc. Industry 4.0 and representatives of investment institutions in smart manufacturing-related fields will attend the event.

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