How to deal with torrential rain


Since the weather has entered the summer, frequent heavy rains have affected the daily life of people and have affected travel. When heavy rains come, apart from serious insecurity such as mudslides and the collapse of dangerous walls, there will be a lot of water accumulation in some low-lying areas. Therefore, it is very necessary for the majority of vehicle owners to understand in detail how safe the wading in rainstorms is.


The author believes that the most important thing is to observe carefully before wading.

There are several observational needs: First, you can't blindly go wading, because after the accumulation of water, the road conditions are complex and underwater roads are invisible, so you need to get off and explore the road first. Second, estimate for yourself what the distance between the water surface and the air intake is. If the height of the water has exceeded the height of the air intake, then you must give up the idea of ​​wading. If water enters, the water will enter the combustion chamber along the air intake, which will seriously damage the engine.

Third, if it is determined that water can be introduced, the first thing that needs to be done is to stop the vehicle and wait for the engine temperature to fall before wading.

Fourth, if the water depth exceeds the license plate, it is best to remove the license plate to prevent it from being washed out by water.

Fifth, before the vehicle wading, it is also necessary to observe what the water velocity and direction are. Through these two points, an experienced driver can determine whether there is sedimentation in the water.

Sixth, you can observe the trajectory of the vehicle in front of you. Although each vehicle has its own wading height and its wading ability is different, you can still better judge your love by observing the vehicle ahead. Whether the car can pass.

The above six items are the places that should be noticed before the vehicles in torrential weather. Although rainstorms have affected travel, it is recommended that the majority of vehicle owners choose public transport if conditions and circumstances permit. This not only avoids damage to the car in heavy rain, but also relieves traffic pressure to a large extent. Avoid clogging.

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