Daily attention of hoisting garbage truck


Many people, because of their lack of self-cultivation, have developed a habit of throwing trash at random. This not only creates a heavy workload for sanitation workers, but also increases the number of garbage trucks used. Therefore, it is important to understand the daily precautions of some garbage trucks and to eliminate the possibility of garbage truck repairs due to increased frequency of use.


1, according to the correct use of the relevant operations. For hoisting garbage trucks, the most important part is the chassis and the engine. If the owner does not use the correct method of operation to control it at random, then the damage of the engine's chassis will be very large. Therefore, during use, the owner should strictly follow the operating conditions in the manual to perform related operations.

2. For the new hoisting garbage truck, when it is used for the first time, it must use a long enough time and a sufficient number of miles to allow its internal components to get a better run-in. The speed is slow, and you can't raise the speed very high and then slam on the brake again.

3. Regularly change the working oil in the oil tank. When replacing the working oil, ensure the correctness of the injection method. During operation, first open the screw plug, then fill in the new oil from the above small hole. After some new oil enters, start the engine to check if the filling is correct, and repeat the error twice to complete the entire filling and then to the garbage truck. Start it.

4. Always inspect the garbage truck for oil leakage. If there are signs of oil leakage in the hydraulic system, stop using it immediately and send it to the nearest repair shop for repair.

5. Wash the garbage truck every day. Many people may feel that washing garbage trucks over time can easily damage the surface finish of garbage trucks. In fact, this is not the case. If after a day's work, the garbage trucks are not cleaned, the corrosive substances and highly decaying moldy materials that remain on the garbage trucks will make the entire garbage trucks become Very scary. If this situation continues, it will also cause a lot of germs to grow on the garbage truck.

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