How to solve the problem of used car market


We all know that North America has a second-hand market, and the market is very hot, just like what we call a flea market. In recent years, China has begun to attach importance to the secondary market. Although there are still many problems in the domestic second-hand market, problems must be resolved. Let's analyze today's problems in the secondary market and general solutions.


1. Inadequate market standardization, different standards for price assessment, and low level of quality for reviewers

Solution: The country specifies the relevant uniform standards for the used car market. Evaluators should perform related examinations or tests to get on the job. Market regulations need to be clear and not equivocal. It is best to add legal constraints.

2. There is no perfect information network for the used car market, information is poor, information cannot be circulated to the outside world, and information is blocked.

Solution: Establish a relevant information network, update and improve vehicle information in a timely manner, and it's best to promptly do a network of propaganda work. Extensive dissemination of formal vehicle registration and sales information networks, and related personnel maintain the site in a timely manner.

3. Less real dealers, less dealers in the formal sense of used cars.

Solution: Through the relevant procedures to select the regular dealers to ensure the safety and reliability of the market. Dealers also need to regulate their own behavior and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

4. Manufacturers have many preferential policies for new cars, frequent price cuts.

Solution: Make sure that automobile manufacturers implement relevant preferential activities according to the market price trend, so as not to confuse the used car market and hinder market development, and at the same time, avoid the vicious competition between the secondary trading markets (such as mutual price reduction). .

The above is a number of more difficult and urgent problems that need to be resolved. The above problems are solved. I believe there will be great changes in the second-hand market and gradually follow the pace of the secondary market in North America. Consumer rights in the secondary market will also be guaranteed. The entire transaction process is formal and safe.

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