Industrial Gas High Purity Trace Oxygen Analyzer


  • Model NO.: CYYA1
  • Customized: Non-Customized
  • Certification: CE
  • Type: Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer
  • Range of Measurement: 0.1%~5%~10%~25%O2
  • Output Signal: 4~20mA DC,RS-232
  • Hole Size: 162*224mm
  • Load Capacity: 750 Ohm
  • Minimum Resolution: 0.1%
  • Transport Package: Customizable
  • Brand: Cyy Energy
  • Portable: Portable
  • Gas: O2
  • Model: Zo-2200
  • Intrinsic Error: Less Than 2%
  • Dimension: 290×130×320mm
  • Weight: 3.5~7.3kg
  • Application: Asu/Pharmacy/Machinery etc
  • Trademark: CYY ENERGY
  • Origin: China
Industrial  Gas High Purity Trace Oxygen Analyzer

Product Description
High purity oxygen analyzer breaks through traditional magneto mechanical measurement and achieves to measure oxygen concentration without benchmark gas by adopting vast-contract with the world advanced technology as measurement principle. It has observable characteristics of long calibrating period, high precision, small appearance, low power consumption, etc. 

Technical Specifications:
Measuring range 0~100%
Minimum range  0~1%
Zero Drift 1%FS/7d
Linearity error +-1%FS
Response Time  Less 35s 
Power supply  220vac 50hz 
Environment temperature 5-45c 
Ambient air  No strong crossive gas 
Standard range  (0-5%)(0~10%);(0~21%);(0;~50%);(0~100%)
Span Drift 1%FS/7d
Repeatability 0.50%
Environment Humidity Less 80% RH
Weight  12kg
Ambient wind velocity less 0.5m/s, make sure the air around instrument circulate
power supply requirements  To avoid inductance characteristics of high power requirements(such as high power motor, high frequency furnace,etc),share the same phase power supply
Installation requirements  Horizontal installation, avoid vibration

It can be used in the fields of oxygen separation from air, metallurgy, health, petrochemicals, and power electronics industries. 

Order knowledge 
Measure range 
Tested gas pressure 
Gas composition and impurity

Company Information:
1. CYY Energy is professional analyze, vaporizer, semi trailer, cylinder, storage tank, pump, air separation plant, LNG plant, cryogenic storage system and gas relevant equipments supplier. We provide the best service obsess over customer's demand. We believe our purpose is to create value for the customer. CYY Energy has advanced technical design ability, mature project management system, consummate and close-in after-sales service. Our production is widely used in steel, metallurgy, oil, chemical industry, machinery, environmental protection, electronic industry, medicine etc. So far, we have successfully delivered our equipments to all around the China, South-East Asia, Middle East, South America and Latin America. We have fostered a good company image all around the world.

2. CYY production and management are carried out by ISO9000 Quality Management System strictly and keep a good quality.

3. There are various kinds of vaporizer for your choice and we can also design and manufacture any new type vaporizer according to customers' requirement.

CYY Mission:
Supply the best Cryogenic Equipment and the relative services according to the customer's needs In the global market, which create famous brand for customers and keep the healthy development of the company and value added.

Service Positioning:
To challenge convention, meet market, perfect service and improve quality, CYY always places client supreme, and pursues service quality by implementing pre-sale service, during-sales service together with self-examination.

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