Kwsg Tunnel-Type Microwave Sterilizing Dryer


  • Model NO.: KWSG-20/30/40/50/60/80/100/120/150/180/200
  • Condition: New
  • Trademark: KANGPAI
  • Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • Type: Dry Cabinet
  • Operational Method: Continuous
  • Transport Package: Wooden Case
Mainly used for quick drying process and biological sterilizing treatment for all kinds of semi-products of traditional Chinese and western medicine, Chinese medicine crop, 
Health products, also widely used for drying, sterilizing, drying de-enzyme and mould proof for food, chemical, agricultural and sideline products, wood, paper etc. 

Drying principle: The material through special belt in the rapidly changing high-frequency electromagnetic field, polarity of which will vary according to the changing external
Electric field which will cause molecular motion and the friction effect. By this process, the field energy of microwave can be transformed to medium heat which make the
Temperature of material arise and generate series of chemical process and then achieve rapid drying. 

Sterilization principle: 
Microwave sterilization kill the microorganisms by joint work of non-thermal effect and thermal effect. 
1. Thermal effect of the microwave: Under a certain intensity of microwave field, molecular polarization phenomenon will happen to the insects and fungi in the food, which absorb
Microwave and heated, will make the protein degeneration and lose biological activity Thermal effect of the microwave mainly on rapid-heating antiseptic effect. 
2. Non-thermal effect of microwave: High-frequency electric field make the membrane potentical and structure of molecule change, which cause the variation of the protein inside the
Microwave body and physiologically active substance, so that they will loss vitality or death. 

1. Self cooling 1050W industry-class transfer is designed based on 24 hour of continuous working, have a strong power and very stable. 
2. Mastering the assembling technology of direct water-cooled 1050W industrial-class magnetrons which is designed based on 24 hours of continuous working. 
3. Adopting high-power centrifugal fan, adjusting device for the air-delivery can control the pumping speed of wet according to different materials. 
4. Infraresd precisely measure the timely temperature of materials on each disc which ensure the accuracy of temperature control, , more conducive to improve the quality. 
5. Develop a rectangular waveguide, with a small standing wave, which is easy for installation and can match the magnetrons better to make output power magnetrons higher. 
6. Tensioning device of belt adopting electronic rectification make the drying of each kinds of materials smoothly and reliably. 
7. Equipped with electronic monitoring device and vacuum mirrors double hole structure, which can real-time observe and monitor the status of material, to know the feature and drying level so that people can control and operate better. 
8. Monitoring of the temperature and flow of cooling water: Thorough solve the problem shortage of pipe blockage and damage of magnetrons by the over high temperature of water.

Technical Parameters
Model KWSG-10 KWSG-20 KWSG-30 KWSG-40 KWSG-50
Working frequency of wave 2450 ±15
Total Power of supply <12 <25 <35 <48 <50
Output power of microwave 3controllable 6controllable 10controllable 15controllable 20controllable
Evaporative power 0.8~1.2
Rotating speed of disc                       0~6
Microwave leakage <3
External dimension for reference 1*6*1.5 1*8*1.5 1*10*15 1*12.5*1.5 1*14.5*1.5

Kwsg Tunnel-Type Microwave Sterilizing Dryer
Kwsg Tunnel-Type Microwave Sterilizing Dryer