Easy Car Rental and Hertz invite you to easily drive outside


Today, self-driving tour is prevalent. Overseas driving by car has long been nothing new. The steering wheel is in its own hands, and the route is arranged on its own. The exotic style is controlled and the exploration of exotic sights and foods abroad has become the best way for a self-driver to relax every year. Easy Car Rental timely according to people's needs, together with the world's largest car rental brand Hertz, to carry out international car rental business, to bring everyone the convenience of international travel car rental.

Established in 1918, Hertz is currently the world's largest car rental brand with 8,800 stores in 150 countries (2,000 of them are in the busiest airports in the world), and car rental networks throughout North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Latin America. America and Africa. Has the largest fleet in the world, with a large number of models reaching 750,000, including various grades of cars, wagons, commercial vehicles, SUVs, convertibles, pickups, and dream luxury cars recently launched in major countries in North America and Europe. Series, including Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Bentley, Land Rover and others.

    Ease Car Rental is the first domestic car rental brand established by Dongfeng Nissan in China. Since 2009, Car Rental has set up 177 online stores throughout the country, covering 82 cities, providing full-time professional car rental services. , Integrate franchise store maintenance, insurance steward, 24 hour road rescue and other original service resources, to meet the needs of users of business travel, official reception, travel vacation, maintenance, new car experience and other car needs.

The cooperation between this time Easy Rent Car and Hertz will not only benefit the members of Easy Car Rental, but also make it more convenient for more domestic car rental users to travel overseas. Easy Car Rental users can enjoy a 10% discount on the “Hertz Value Deals” for car rentals in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia all year round when they book vehicles in Hertz, and they can apply for a Chinese driver’s license in English for free. Certification (stores in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia accept a Chinese driver's license, but they need to be used in conjunction with a Chinese driver's license in English). The validity period of the certification is the same as in a Chinese driver's license, up to a maximum of 10 years. Ordinary users can apply for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Hertz Gold Cards in addition to car rental from Hez Overseas Rentals and official websites throughout the country, and enjoy exclusive access to Gold Card members at more than 3,000 airports and local stores around the world. And parking.

It is understood that the Hertz car rental process is basically the same as domestic car rental, and it is also very convenient. Users can pre-book through the website, mail, and APP, and confirm the time and location of the pick-up/return, the flight number, and the required vehicle grade. After arriving in your city, enter the car rental store in Hertz for car rental or pick up the car from the airport and drive to the store.

In addition, although the car rental company's services are very thoughtful, but when driving car rental abroad, we still have to understand in advance some of the matters needing attention. For example, an international credit card is a must. Whether it is through a website or a telephone, it is necessary to reserve the required deposit amount from the rental agency account after confirming the reservation. After the car is rented, it is necessary to pay for the car through international credit card payment. cost. In addition, attention is paid to the local traffic rules. In general, the main domestic traffic rules and signs are basically the same as those of other countries. There are not many problems as long as they are strictly observed. For example, if you see the sign of “STOP”, you must stop and you cannot slide the car. “GIVEWAY” must make the car in other directions go first. If there is no traffic light, pedestrians must go first. In the unlikely event of an unfamiliar traffic sign, you can drive slowly and observe how other vehicles are traveling. Generally, you can quickly understand and easily grasp.

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