Shaanxi Provincial Deputy Governor Visits Fast


On May 19, 2016, Jiang Feng, vice governor of Shaanxi Province, accompanied by Zhang Zongke, Deputy Secretary General of the Provincial Government and Ren Guoguo, Deputy Director of the Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, visited Fast to conduct research on the development of the automotive industry. Chairman of the Fast Group, Yan Jianbo and General Manager Ma Xuyao ​​welcomed the arrival of Vice President Jiang Feng and his company and accompanied them to the company's Automotive Drive Engineering Research Institute and the 330,000 Joint Production Workshop.

Explain the overall layout of Fast factory
Explain the overall layout of Fast factory

In the research institute and production workshop, Vice Governor Jiang Feng inspected the level of scientific and technological R&D and manufacturing capabilities of Fast, and inquired in detail about the development of enterprise product market and international joint ventures and cooperation.

Visit Fast's gearbox products
Visit Fast's gearbox products

President Yan Jianbo expressed his gratitude to Shaanxi Provincial Government for his long-time attention and support to Fast, and introduced the company's development overview. He said that in the development of innovation, Fast has firmly grasped the national industrial policy and industry development trends, guided by the market, customer-centric, and vigorously carry forward the "artisan spirit", lay a solid foundation, experience the internal strength, and realize the transformation of transformation. , Development advantage, competitive strength, brand influence industry leader. Under the new normal, Fast attaches great importance to product innovation and quality improvement. The eight series of new products developed by independent research and development are all mature. The new energy transmission system has a rapid new product layout, laying a solid foundation for the company's transformation and upgrading. Facing the 13th Five-Year Plan, it is believed that under the correct leadership of the provincial party committee and provincial government, Fast will certainly be able to grasp the national strategic opportunities such as the “Belt and Road Initiative” and make new and greater contributions to local economic and social development.

Visit Fast production line room
Visit Fast production line room

After listening to Yan Jianbo’s introduction, Vice Governor Jiang Feng fully affirmed the company’s achievements in product research and development and technological innovation over the years. He hopes that Fast will focus on the country’s efforts "Policy principles, deepen potential, improve quality and efficiency, reform and innovation, continue to expand domestic and foreign markets, continue to enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises, and strive to achieve transformation and upgrading. At the same time, he demanded that relevant departments at all levels further strengthen service awareness, improve work efficiency, and optimize work processes so as to solve problems for enterprises and help them climb uphills and develop.

 High Speed Texturing Machine

 As the result of the accumulated experience,research and development in draw texturing, the users can choose different components according to their own demand, to meet their DTY production. The machines easy operation and maintenance, high-quality of yarn and etc.


1.Three rollers named machine D1,D2,D2.2,all adopt the godet mechanism. The godet is controlled by the micro-motors. It control the fiber will and ensure the stretching.

2.The machine`s two sides (A-B) running relatively independent, both adopt energy-saving motor instead of belt,the process parameters can be set separately. Two sides could process different productions.

3.The specially energy-saving nozzle can save air and power.

4.Two-step D2 roller structure improve the node uniformity and fastness of the nylon spandex.

5.The special fiber structure is adopted to improve the efficiency of fiber processing.

6.The adjustable spandex universal support is adopted to ensure the spandex feeding well during high speed running.

7.Electric structure ensures convenient and quick threading.(Optional)

8.Machine`s deformation heater adopts biphenyl air heating.The temperature precision is exact to ±1 ℃ assure every spindle`s temperature to be same.This is beneficial for dying.

9.Excellent machine structure reliable drive system and low noise. It is easy for process adjustment, and maintained by single spindle to improve productivity.

Draw texturing machine

Texturing Machine

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