Artificial intelligence promoted to national strategic autopilot is listed as an important direction


Interpretation of artificial intelligence development planning: Autopilot was repeatedly referred to as the core direction

The "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" was formally released today. According to the plan, the development of artificial intelligence in China will be divided into three steps. Finally, in 2030, China's artificial intelligence theory, technology and applications will reach the world's leading level.

It is worth noting that the plan mentioned many times that it is necessary to focus on the development of autopilot technology in the automotive industry, and that breakthroughs must be made in intelligent traffic construction and autonomous driverless technology platforms.

The specific description is as follows:

1. Focus on breakthroughs in autonomous unmanned system computing architecture, perception and understanding of complex dynamic scenes, real-time accurate positioning, adaptive intelligent navigation for complex environments, and other common technologies, autonomous control of drones, and intelligent driving of automobiles, ships, and rail traffic. technology.

2. Establish a common core technical support platform for autonomous unmanned systems, autonomous control of drones, and automatic driving support platforms for automobiles, ships, and rail transit.

3. Develop self-driving cars and rail transit systems, strengthen the integration and support of on-board sensing, automatic driving, vehicle networking, and internet of things technologies, develop traffic intelligence systems, and form China's autonomous autopilot platform technology system and product assembly capabilities. Explore auto-driving car sharing mode.

4. Accelerate the development of a group of leading enterprises in such emerging areas as smart robots, smart cars, wearable devices, and virtual reality.

5. Research on intelligent technologies such as autopilot for automobiles, ships, and rail transit, unmanned workshop/smart factory smart technology, high-end intelligent control technology and autonomous unmanned operating system.

6. To study and establish a technical system for the automatic driving and vehicle road coordination of operating vehicles. Develop a multi-dimensional traffic information integrated big data application platform under complex scenarios to achieve intelligent traffic guidance and comprehensive operation coordination and command.

7. Accelerate the development and application of 5G enhanced technology for real-time collaborative artificial intelligence deployment, build a high-precision navigation and positioning network for space-based collaborative artificial intelligence, and develop intelligent industrial networks and driverless car networking.

Globally, artificial intelligence has always been a core technology area where developed countries compete.

The United States has a large number of technology-leading companies in the areas of Internet of Things, smart driving and smart medical, and the United Kingdom also has certain advantages. Alpha Go’s R&D team comes from Oxford University. In addition, Germany, Japan, and other countries all have artificial intelligence. A lot of achievements.

With the release of the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan”, China has for the first time promoted artificial intelligence as a national strategy, and at the same time provided a clear development path and direction for the intelligentization of the automotive industry.

Today, more and more Chinese automakers have joined the ranks of artificial intelligence R&D. Especially in the field of autonomous driving and smart travel, many companies have been able to match the level of technology and product strength of some developed countries. In the near future, our own independent enterprises will certainly be able to develop a development path with Chinese characteristics and become a new growth pole in the world's artificial intelligence field.

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