Dongfeng Chaochai's 200,000th diesel engine in 2010


On December 8, 2010, Dongfeng Chaochao's 200,000th diesel engine in 2010 successfully went off the assembly line and set a new milestone in the history of Northwood Diesel.

In the year of 2002, Chaochao was separated, achieving an annual output of 100,000 units in just 10 months. In 2010, Chao Chai set foot in the fiercely competitive market situation, reviewed the situation and put forward the challenge of producing 210,000 units a year. Zhachai’s employees have overcome various difficulties and seized market opportunities. All work has made great progress: multi-pronged approach, all-round improvement of products and development of new products, especially efforts on environmental emissions and dynamics. Strengthen 102, 3L, D, gas, 4A five series products, all can provide Euro III, Euro IV emission standard models, formed a competitive advantage of Chaochao's products; focus on brand building, vigorously carry out marketing and marketing activities, “High-quality power Chaoyang Diesel Engine” has become more deeply rooted; focusing on QCD improvement activities, we have focused on “cutting costs and eliminating waste” and vigorously improved the quality, cost, and delivery date, and our manufacturing and manufacturing capabilities have been further enhanced. With the joint efforts of all employees, as of December 8th, 2010, Chaochao’s annual output of 200,000th Taiwan and the first emission of the Dalai-IV engine were successfully off the assembly line, which is another leap forward in the history of Chaochao’s production. At present, the cumulative production of Chaoyang Diesel Engine exceeds 2 million units.

Chaochai's 2010th 200,000 sets-down machine model is CY4102-CE4B, and its emission meets the national IV standard. It is another outstanding product that Chaochao Steel Co., Ltd. has launched in response to increasingly stringent emission requirements and increasingly fierce market competition. The commissioning of this model and the successful offline production of 200,000 diesel engines each year signified that Chaochai has taken a new step in product development, manufacturing level and production capacity.

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