FAW Jiefang J6 Aowei 6DM (11L) heavy truck received wide acclaim in the logistics and transportation market


With the continuous strengthening of the government's overarching governance and the universal implementation of the toll-by-weight system in recent years, the demand for powerful, fast, and low fuel consumption heavy trucks in the domestic logistics and transportation industry is increasing. It is also in this context that FAW Liberation timely launched the Liberation J6 Aowei 6DM (11L) series heavy trucks, which successfully made up for the gap between China's autonomous power heavy trucks in terms of technical content and product quality and international famous brands, and made FAW the Liberation has a unique core competitive advantage in the heavy-duty field, not only satisfying the actual needs of car owners under the new situation, but also establishing a milestone for China's heavy truck independent innovation.

Strong explosive power

The reason why the user chose to liberate the 11L model of the FAW is to watch its strong explosiveness and power. Assembled with the 11L engine, the J6 has more powerful power, adequate intake, complete exhaust, excellent atomization, and full combustion, and it is equipped with a rear axle with a 4.11 speed ratio. The transmission efficiency is thus greatly improved, and the speed is faster and more fuel-efficient.

Li Wanlong, owner of Shangqiu, Henan, said: “My liberation J6 11L tractors mainly run Shangqiu to the Kunming transportation line, and pull frozen meat, fresh fruits and other fresh goods. The transportation time and transportation speed are very strict. The whole course is about 2600 kilometers, and the uphill section More. When it is rainy, the uphill road is slippery, many vehicles collapse due to lack of power, but the J6 is liberated. On the contrary, it has plenty of power, explosive power, and no effort to climb.” Liberation J6 11L tractor The cost of fuel oil is 6,500 yuan, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is about 40L. While operating on the same complicated route, the fuel consumption of the 100km of the J6 9L tractor was about 50L, and the difference in fuel consumption between the two was more than 10L.

The current history of Yucheng City also praised the liberation of J6 11L tractors. He said that the transportation route from Guangzhou to Beijing runs all the way down. Liberating the J6 11L tractor can save about 1,000 yuan more than the 9L tractor, and it is faster in the driving process and has a clear sense of pushing. "Xichai engine's braking performance is also good. The wear of brake pads is not as great as that of other brands of cars. The failure rate of the engine is very low. Basically, there are no big problems, which greatly improves the attendance of the vehicles and reduces them. Operating costs, increased revenue."

The reason why FAW Jiefang J6 Aowei 6DM (11L) heavy trucks are widely recognized by the market and users is not complicated because of its leading power technology. The Aowei CA6DM engine, which was released by the J6, was the first company in China to adopt an overhead camshaft four-valve structure, leading to fuel-efficient performance. The B10's life span of the whole machine has reached 1 million kilometers of international level, supporting a mature electronically controlled common rail system to ensure high performance, low fuel consumption, and low emissions. Second, it is the perfect integration of the CA6DM11L engine and the mature J6 assembly system. The CA6DM11L engine is matched with the transmission of the best power transmission in the country, the mature and stable rear axle, and the cab designed by the top Italian designer. It is more fuel-efficient and reliable under high-speed and heavy-load conditions.


FAW Jiefang J6 Aowei 6DM (11L) heavy trucks have been widely acclaimed in many aspects such as power, high speed, fuel economy, stability, etc., and are generally welcomed by heavy truck users. The products continue to sell well. Compared with the domestic mainstream heavy trucks and even the actual operation of imported trucks, they have demonstrated superior competitiveness and created high profitability for users.

For a long time, FAW Liberation has always insisted on independent innovation and built its own brand competitiveness, which is fully reflected in the liberation of the J6 Aowei 6DM (11L) heavy truck. In the 11-litre "gold displacement" of diesel engines, FAW liberation that mastered the core technology achieved a converse trend when the products of the joint venture brands were not able to meet the needs of the Chinese market and sales were blocked.

As we all know, the 11-liter diesel engine is the development trend of the Chinese diesel engine market. From the development history of the international diesel engine, 11 liters have been the gold displacement of the European and American markets in the past 20 years, with great potential for development. The Chinese market is no exception. Some analysts pointed out that in terms of the competitive landscape of the current domestic 11-liter engine, several domestic heavy-duty truck manufacturers have been able to produce through cooperation with foreign engine manufacturers. The joint venture brands are subject to factors such as localization rate, output, and price. Products cannot Really adapt to the needs of the Chinese market, sales have not been high. Obviously, these "foreign machines" did not really adapt to China's domestic market.

Therefore, only by independently mastering core technologies can we proceed from local demand and produce mainstream heavy trucks that meet the needs of the Chinese market. With its strong independent R&D capabilities, FAW Jiefang has independently mass-produced the CA6DM 11-liter engine, which was mass-produced in 2008. Its introduction completely broke the monopoly position of the joint venture brand in the high-powered engine sector. The Liberation J6 Aowei 6DM (11L) heavy truck is based on J6 heavy truck platform upgrade, inherited the leading technology and performance of the liberation of the J6 world heavy truck, can stand the test in the current complex and ever-changing transport environment and increasingly fierce market competition . With the continuous improvement and development of China's logistics and transportation industry, Liberation J6 11L models will win more users and market share.

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