Japan's Strong Earthquake: Seiko Epson's 4 Parts Factory Affected by Limited Impact


In response to the strong earthquake on March 11 in the northeastern region of Japan, the Japanese company SEIKO EPSON stated that the head office of the company immediately established the disaster prevention countermeasures headquarters after the earthquake, in addition to the first confirmation of all employees and families of the group. In addition to personal safety, comprehensive response measures and measures are implemented.

Seiko Epson Group stated that the company is based on operational management and risk diversification, and has already established production bases in nearly 50 locations around the world. At present, it is known that four manufacturing plants have been affected by the earthquake. They are the Epson Toyocom Fukushima office near the earthquake source, Epson Atmix in Aomori Prefecture, Epson in the northeast of Yamagata Prefecture, and Akita Epson in Akita Prefecture. The main damage was the disruption of electricity supply and the damage to some buildings and equipment. Most employees in these areas have confirmed safety.

The above areas are mainly manufacturing of electronic components and products. The final production base of Epson's supply of electronic components to the Taiwan market is mainly located in Southeast Asia and mainland China, and will not cause too much impact on customers. The follow-up status of the earthquake will be updated and announced at the Epson official website.

To actively participate in the post-disaster reconstruction work, the Japanese Seiko Epson Group said earlier today it would donate 100 million yen to help relief. Taiwan's Epson also launched employee donations at the same time, hoping to gather the power of all people to help Japan weather the difficulties and return to normal as soon as possible.

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