Exports of auto parts were "satisfied with soil and water"


Recently, the reporter learned that Guangzhou's auto production has accounted for about 9% of the country for nine years. Major car companies have led a total of more than 1,000 auto parts factories in the Pearl River Delta, including about 450 in Guangzhou. South China's spare parts industry cluster has taken shape.

Guangdong's auto parts exports break 2 billion U.S. dollars

In the first 10 months of this year, the export of parts and components in Guangdong increased by 31.1% year-on-year, the value of exports was US$2.01 billion, and exports to the EU, the United States, and Japan accounted for 50% of the total.

However, Chen Qikai, dean of the China Electric Apparatus Research Institute, told this newspaper that Guangdong's spare parts exports are still subject to technical barriers and trade barriers. "There is no quality in itself, but it is caused by the unfitness of the exporting country's environment." Chen Qikai said that a parts and components company in Guangdong produced a door handle for a large US car company. However, after the export, the hands were cracked and the car was exposed. Was recalled.

Guangzhou Weikai Inspection Technology Research Institute also said that China's spare parts companies are often not concerned about the environment of other countries caused by disputes.

According to the above-mentioned sources, there are still blind spots in the issue of environmental adaptability when the state tests automobile parts and components. The industry has already proposed that the Ministry of Commerce should begin to conduct research on the environmental adaptability of China's export of electromechanical products next year in order to enhance the international competitiveness of China's spare parts.


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