Slow walking


Slow walking is a kind of wire-cut WEDM-LS is the use of continuous moving thin wire (called electrode wire) as the electrode, the workpiece pulsed spark discharge metal removal, cutting and forming. It is mainly used to process a variety of complex shapes and precision small workpieces, according to the different speed of wire electrode, EDM wire-cutting machine tools are generally divided into two categories: one is the slow walking wire (also known as low-speed walking wire EDM Machine tool) electrode wire for low-speed one-way movement, the general wire speed is less than 0.2m / s, accuracy of 0.001mm level, the surface quality is close to the level of grinding. After the electrode wire is no longer used after discharge, the work is smooth, uniform, small jitter, and good processing quality. And using advanced power technology, high-speed processing, maximum productivity up to 350mm2/min slow walking wire cutting DK7632A

Since the walking wire cutting machine adopts a wire feeding method in which the wire electrode is continuously fed, that is, the wire electrode is processed during the movement, even if the wire electrode is worn out, it can be continuously supplemented, so that the machining accuracy of the parts can be improved. The surface roughness of the workpiece processed by the slow thread cutting machine can usually reach Ra = 0.8μm or more, and the rounding error, straight line error and dimension error of the slow threading wire cutting machine are all faster. The walking wire cutting machine is much better, so in processing When high-precision parts are used, the slow-thread wire cutting machine has been widely used. Easy to operate, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, with a slight advantage.

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