Auto parts industry shows a clear picture of development


In the adjustment and revitalization plan of the automobile industry, the state’s subsidies to the auto industry have always been a topic of concern. The 5 billion yuan subsidy for "cars going to the countryside" is gradually being advanced. The use of the "special fund for the central government to allocate 10 billion yuan in the next three years" mentioned in the plan has become the focus of attention. On March 20th, the rules for the adjustment and revitalization of the automobile industry were introduced, allowing people to see a clearer direction of the 10 billion yuan fund.

In the newly announced “Regulations on the Adjustment and Revitalization of the Automotive Industry”, it is proposed that “10 billion yuan will be allocated in the new central government investment in the next three years as a special fund for technological advancement and technological transformation, with an emphasis on supporting automobile manufacturers to upgrade their products and improve energy conservation. Key technologies such as environmental protection and safety; development of key assembly products that fill gaps in China; construction of a common technology development and inspection platform for automobiles and parts; development of new energy vehicles and specialized parts and components. Less used in auto parts industry. In particular, when describing the industrial task of “special technical renovation projects” in the planning, it is proposed to formulate the “Automobile Industry Technological Progress and Technological Transformation Projects and Product Catalogue” to support the technical progress and structural adjustment of the automotive industry and to increase technological transformation efforts.” The main products and items in this "Catalogue" are related parts and components, once again confirming the investment of this 10 billion yuan capital.

This is not just the 10 billion yuan. The industrial restructuring plan announced this time shows a picture of future development for China's auto parts industry, making this basic industry of the auto industry clearer and more difficult to overcome. . The plan depicts the breakthrough of the industry, “the autonomy of key components and technologies”, and describes the ways of industrial development. “The focus is to support the industrialization of new energy automotive power modules, the upgrading of internal combustion engines, the industrialization of advanced transmissions, and key components. Industrialization and the establishment of an independent public inspection agency and a key technical center for automobile parts that integrates production, learning, and research. It involves the adjustment of industrial organizations and clearly stated that “supporting auto parts companies to expand their scale through mergers and acquisitions” ......

In the case of China's auto parts industry, which has encountered no small difficulties under the impact of the international financial crisis, this kind of guidance is needed at this time and it needs such help. Unlike the entire vehicle industry, after the reform and opening up, China's auto parts companies are faced with the situation of full competition with foreign capital. According to statistics from the National Information Center, after years of efforts, in 2007, China's auto parts enterprises above designated size reached 7580; from January to November 2008, the industrial output value was 85.8 billion yuan, industrial added value was 204 billion yuan, and total industrial assets The value of the industry reached 753.4 billion yuan, and the total industrial profit reached 53.88 billion yuan. China has become the fourth largest auto parts producer and exporter. At the same time, in 2007, the number of employees in the auto parts industry has reached 1.59 million, accounting for the automotive industry. 60.7%. It is the gradual formation of the auto parts industry system that has made China's auto companies, especially the self-owned brand companies, mature. However, the lack of quantity and small scale, the concentration of products at low added value, and the lack of key core technologies have become problems that plague China's auto parts industry. The entire industry needs a "good recipe" that cuts the middle ground.

Although the contents mentioned in this plan involving parts and components development are scattered, the content that the countries mentioned will support is the development of the spare parts industry in China. At the same time, the plan also clearly defines and refines the development direction of the industry.

At the end of February this year, the results of the investigation and research of China's auto parts industry commissioned by the National Development and Reform Commission’s Department of Industrial Coordination were announced in Beijing. This one-and-a-half-year project is the first comprehensive and systematic approach to the auto parts industry. Investigations. Through the research results, we can see the development status and existing problems of China's auto parts industry, and many of these issues have become the focus of this plan to solve.

As can be seen in the "survey", most high-tech products have already achieved localized production, but a few key components still need to be imported. Automatic transmissions are the most typical example. At present, 78% of China's automatic transmissions still rely on imports. In the "Automobile Technology Progress and Technical Renovation Project and Product Catalog", special transmissions were specially developed to develop manual transmissions for six or more passenger cars, dual-clutch automatic transmissions, stepless automatic transmissions, commercial vehicle automatic transmissions, and automatic transmissions. Transmission actuators (solenoid valves), transmission electronic control units and other products.

This is just one example of how to guide the adjustment of parts and components industries. In the adjustment of product structure, support for industrial restructuring, encourage corporate innovation, promote industrial upgrading and other aspects, the plan has a clear statement. It is hoped that the auto parts industry will be able to follow the map, truly realize the development of the industry, and realize the strengthening and expansion of China's spare parts enterprises.

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