Bridgestone U.S. Truck Tire Plant Completes Expansion of Production Capacity by 11%


Bridgestone Americas recently completed a two-year expansion project at a truck tire factory in the United States, increasing the factory's production capacity by 11%.


Bridgestone began expanding its truck tire factory in Warren County in 2011 and invested US$36.6 million in this project. After the expansion, the capacity of the Warren County factory was increased to 9,000 pieces/day, while 45 full-time employees were added. The total number of employees in the factory reached 850.

Steve Shelton, senior vice president of technology, manufacturing and purchasing of Bridgestone Americas, said that the expansion will help the company meet Bridgestone and Firestone brand cards and passenger car tires to meet the rising market demand, but also for the local area. New job opportunities have come.

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