Train ticket National Day price rise questioned


Train ticket National Day price rise questioned Railway Department: Weekdays as a discounted price, “How is this fare unequal, ah, is it a price increase?” The passenger Mr. Zhang looked at different fares before and after.

Recently, the eleven-long holiday train ticket became a sought-after "Xiang Yao," but some netizens discovered that on the website of the 12306 Railway Customer Service Center, tickets for several trains bound for Beijing from Hebei Qinghe City Station were around 11. There have been inconsistencies in ticket prices. Netizens questioned the website's problems. However, after the reporter asked about the 12306 railway customer service phone number, this kind of situation appeared to be discounted during a certain period of time.

Passengers find the fare of train passengers during National Day. Mr. Zhang told reporters that recently he saw on the Internet of the 12306 China Railway Customer Service Center that the fares of several trains bound for Beijing from Qinghe City actually had problems.

When he inquired about the train ticket on September 28, he suddenly discovered that the fares for the 6 trains passing through Qinghe City were the same. Even the prices of the bunk beds on the soft and hard sleepers were all the same, and they were cheaper than usual. It's tens of dollars.

“I thought I was wrong, and it was the same result that was refreshed several times.” Mr. Zhang said, “The price of the sleeper bunk bed is the same. Is it the railway company that has issued a new preferential policy? "When Mr. Zhang asked about all trains from Qinghe City to Beijing on October 1, all train fares would have returned to normal." "It is estimated that the network has gone wrong. White has excited me for a long time," said Mr. Zhang.

The reporter verified that the ticket price of the Qinghe City train had changed. The reporter then opened the fare search page of the 12306 website according to the method Mr. Zhang had told him.

When the reporter first entered the dialog box from Qinghe City to Beijing, and the date was entered on September 28th, the fare of the 9-inch train passing from Qinghe City to Beijing was displayed on the website.

However, the price of "1454 times", "K1110 times", "K106 times", "1304 times", "K620 times" and "2072 times" trains are all the same for the soft and hard sleeper berths, and the fare is also a little cheaper than usual. For ten yuan, the maximum number of train tickets for a soft train is 26.5 yuan less than usual.

The reporter then inquired about the fares for all trains heading for Beijing from September 29th to September 30th in Qinghe City. The sleeper on the 6-inch train is still the same.

However, when the reporter adjusted the date to October 1, all train tickets have returned to normal, and the difference between the upper and lower sleepers has also appeared.

The reporter also inquired about train tickets for other cities and other dates. There was no such problem. At present, only this station has similar problems.

Website 12306: There is indeed a preferential policy This morning, the reporter dialed the 12306 railway customer service phone. When the reporter reflected the situation to the staff, the staff member immediately asked him.

Subsequently, the staff told reporters that this was not a problem on the network. It was only at a certain time that the railway department had discounted preferential measures for the remaining soft and hard sleeper shops on the car. “There was no failure.” Staff Told reporters.

There will be price fluctuations on certain lines. For this kind of fare fluctuation in Qinghe City, the reporter learned from the railway department that there is currently only a certain line and a certain period of time. The price fluctuations are usually more than usual, and it is only limited to specific seats. .

For example, on June 27, 2012, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train EMU train business seats and special seats will be subject to special fares according to the pre-sale period, including 10% to 20% discount for commercial seats and 10% discount for special seats. .

In the month prior to this, from May 18th to June 20th, special fares were granted for the Shanghai-Hangzhou and Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed trains business seats and special seats, with a discount of 30% for commercial seats and 9 for special seats. fold.

These conditions are due to the fact that during the off-season season of customer transport, some trains have experienced poor sales of certain seats, and the discount is to attract passengers.

In the case of Qinghe City, there have been similar discount promotions. For example, in 2011, the railway department had discounted short sleeper berths: 6 on the last day of operation (including the day) After :00, only discounted tickets were sold for free sleepers, which were divided into two categories within 200 kilometers and 200 kilometers to 400 kilometers in operation. The maximum discount was 50%.

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