Contact wear mainly depends on breaking current


Contact wear mainly depends on breaking current
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After the electrical life breaks many times, the contact surface will gradually wear out. Contact wear is mainly electrical wear, depending on breaking current and arcing time. Hardware Structure The hardware consists of two parts: the basic unit and the communication interface unit, each with a single-chip microcomputer as the data processing core. As a stand-alone unit, the Roots water ring vacuum unit can monitor its status online without affecting the normal operation of the VCBs. According to the measurement results, fault diagnosis and positioning are accomplished by software. When a fault occurs, the microcontroller sends an alarm signal.

As the core of the basic unit, the microcontroller can not only monitor the status of the VCBs online, but also perform software fault diagnosis. The Wuxi vacuum pump sends the results to the host through the communication interface. However, the data processing and memory capabilities of the microcontroller are limited, so complex operations such as statistics and contact resistance change trends are performed by the host.

The communication interface unit consists of a dual-port RAM, an expansion port, an RS485 interface, a liquid crystal display, and a keyboard. It is connected to the basic unit through a plug. The dual-port RAM is a data conversion medium between the basic unit and the communication interface unit, and can receive and transmit data between the two and maintain the data in the storage area. The liquid crystal display LCD shows changes in temperature, contact resistance, and main circuit current, coil current, and the like.

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