Experts argued that phosphorus ore resources tax differential collection scheme


On December 21, an expert demonstration meeting for the resource tax levy of differences in phosphate rock between the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, organized by China National Association of Chemical Mining, was held in Beijing. It was engaged in geological and mining beneficiation design research and production in the phosphate industry. More than 30 experts in the field have carried out serious arguments on the use of scientific and rational methods to levy a resource tax on the differences between phosphate ore.
Although China's total phosphorous resources ranks second in the world, its grades are poor and the differences are large. It is dominated by collophane ore, with high content of silicon, calcium, and magnesium, close symbiosis, fine grain size, and technical difficulties in development and utilization. higher cost. In order to encourage the full use of low-to-medium grade phosphate rock resources, and to achieve sustainable and sustainable supply of phosphorus resources to meet the demand of the phosphate fertilizer industry for phosphate rock resources, China National Association of Chemical Mining commissioned Wuhan University of Engineering to carry out phosphorus resource taxation to implement “quantity collection and level adjustment”. "The research work. According to the characteristics of China's phosphorus resources, Wuhan University of Engineering established a mathematical model for the differential collection of resource tax for phosphate ore based on a series of comparatively consistent matrix analysis methods on the basis of full investigation and multiple demonstrations. The mathematical model was based on the following factors: the scale of the phosphate ore enterprise, ore grade, price, ore quality, mining method and cost, ore dressing method, transportation conditions, mining service life, and mineralization/fertilizer combination. the weight of.
Experts attending the meeting conducted serious argumentation on the mathematical model and weights of various factors. They believed that it was necessary for the association to carry out the “quantitative collection and adjustment of differential levels” of the phosphorus ore resource tax, and the use of low-grade phosphate rock resources to achieve sustainable phosphorus resources. The protection of supply is of great significance. Experts believe that the mathematical model is scientific, and 9 factors are considered comprehensively, reflecting the characteristics of China's phosphorus resources and the status of development and utilization. At the same time, specific amendments are proposed for each weight. The relevant personnel from the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation listened to the opinions of experts.

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