Weichai wants to build two major production bases


Recently, Wei Liu, Vice Minister of Brand Planning Department of Weichai Corporation, said in an interview that Weichai Group will build two major engine manufacturing bases in the next 5 to 10 years - high-tech diesel engines that produce 4-15 liters of high-speed diesel engines. Industrial park manufacturing base and manufacturing base with 10,000 horsepower medium-speed diesel engines. In 2015, the high-power engine will achieve 1.5 million sales targets. By 2020, it will achieve sales of 1.4 million units of truck-mounted engines, 120,000 units of passenger cars, 680,000 units of construction machinery, 200,000 units of ship machinery and power generation equipment, and a total sales volume. Breakthrough 100 billion yuan.

Weichai Engine

He also introduced that Weichai will also develop a series of core technologies based on electronic control and electric drive, establish a core technology platform based on hybrid powertrain, and a product technology platform for a new generation of commercial vehicles and construction machinery powertrains. We will strive to achieve a goal of improving fuel economy by more than 30%, reducing waste emissions by more than 30%, and reducing manufacturing costs by 30%.

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