Jiangxi Hengfeng four major machinery manufacturing projects signed at the same time on the 26th


On August 26th, Zhejiang Automobile Engine crankshaft, automobile valve, diesel engine, crystallized refined copper tube four mechanical manufacturing projects came to the signing ceremony of the horizontal investment held in the meeting room of the administrative center of the Hengfeng County Administrative Center on the fourth floor.
It is understood that the investment customers signing contracts in Hengfeng County are all from Zhejiang Province. The total investment of the four projects is 118 million yuan. After the project is fully put into production, it is estimated that it can produce 200,000 car engine crankshafts and 20 million automobile valves per year respectively. With 300,000 diesel engines, small engines and 10,000 crystallizers for continuous casting of copper pipes, it can realize sales revenue of 530 million yuan, tax revenue of 39.5 million yuan, annual export earnings of more than 12 million US dollars, and more than 2,500 new jobs.
To cope with the impact of the international financial crisis, the Hengfeng County Party Committee and County Government reviewed the situation, launched counter-trend investment, and tried to provide a steady stream of “fresh blood” for the county's economic development. The county sent out township officials, drafted outstanding cadres to form 12 professional investment teams, and went to coastal areas to carry out resident investment promotion. Huaguang Nickel Industry Co., Ltd., Yongda Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Ruifeng Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., intelligent robots, and drilled treasure instruments and other high-tech companies have been introduced into industrial parks. This year, the county signed 14 contracted projects, with contracted funds of 1.305 billion yuan; 18 projects under construction, contracted funds of 1.565 billion yuan; and 9 commissioned projects, with a total investment of 567 million yuan, of which 2 million yuan were worth more than 2 billion yuan. There is a gratifying situation in which new projects are signed, new projects are started on the month, and new projects are put into production on the month and month.

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