Ultra-low-power chips will be available next year


The Internet of Things brings new connections, but it also brings new energy issues. Wireless sensors are in standby mode and will consume a lot of power. We need to be able to replace our current devices with self-sufficient alternatives. A new ultra-low-power chip can help achieve this goal.

Usually, whether the circuit transistor has a current flowing or not depends on whether or not the applied voltage is higher than a certain threshold. In reality, there is a problem of current leakage even when the transistor is in the theoretically off state. For some tasks, the chip can take advantage of this phenomenon and use this current to reduce the need to switch to a higher power state.
The PsiKick startup company in Virginia is developing such a microchip. According to different applications, the consumption of microchips is 0.1% to 1% of that of ordinary chips. This is the graduation design of the two founders at MIT. They plan to sell the first chips in 2015.
The PsiKick chip uses so little power that it can even work without batteries. Designers have successfully used body heat to run wearable ECG monitoring devices using their chips. In the future, self-powered chips will become the norm. Energy can come from a small solar panel; an antenna that collects the energy of the surrounding radio waves; a thermoelectric material that absorbs body heat; or a piezoelectric device that collects kinetic energy. The era of an energy-saving microchip is coming soon.

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