Broken driver steals oil road LNG heavy truck market is cold


During the interview, the reporter found that the LNG heavy-duty truck market was cold, and one reason was that this model blocked the driver’s financial situation.

Mr. Liu, who is engaged in port transportation in Tianjin, is the owner of a private logistics company. In a heavy-duty truck tour, Mr. Liu told reporters that he was very interested in the LNG dump truck for this exhibition and he has been following this trend since this year. The reporter asked if the cost advantage of natural gas prices is not obvious? "Natural gas prices, diesel prices are also rising, compared to natural gas fuel or save money. Mainly business management issues." Mr. Liu explained to reporters. Before deciding to purchase the LNG heavy truck, Mr. Liu had talked to the company’s driver and proposed to change the car to raise the salary of the driver. Mr. Liu said that before the company’s drivers had a monthly salary of 5,300 yuan, they were forced to go up to 8,000 yuan after replacing them with LNG heavy trucks, and they did nothing.

Through Mr. Liu’s introduction, the reporter learned that there are personally known secrets in the industry. Long-distance logistics drivers often “pour oil” to earn profits during transportation. The so-called "poured oil" is that under the highway bridge, a group of "oil-burning children" are often gathered to exclusively purchase diesel from the passing truck drivers. The diesel is taken from the fuel tank of the driver's truck. The driver made money by selling diesel oil to the “oil-burning child”. “How big is the oil and water?” Mr. Liu did not disclose it to reporters, but the wage driver who had risen by nearly 3,000 yuan still did not accept it. It can be seen that the “fat water” is much higher than 3,000 yuan.

"If you replace the LNG heavy truck, the driver will not be able to 'pour oil', and the resale of natural gas will require high technical means. I am afraid it will be difficult to achieve." Mr. Liu said that replacing the LNG heavy truck would be a disguised blocker of the driver's financial road. This problem has not only been encountered by Mr. Liu, but is well known in the industry. As the boss, the driver “pours oil” will inevitably increase transportation costs. To this point, Mr. Liu, like other bosses, can only keep one eye closed. “The driver of this industry is hard to hire and resigns them for a while. Less than people, we can only look at the front, said Mr. Liu.

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