New type multi-functional fence grader successfully developed


According to the trend of fruit production and marketing, it can be found that the majority of fruit production value is created by post-natal treatment and post-production processing. The post-production commercial treatment of fruit includes cleaning, waxing, grading, and packaging. Grading is an important part of the commercialization of fruit products. It has the fastest development in technology and has recently undergone fundamental changes in recent years.

In order to solve the lotus seed grading technology, Huizhou District Xiongwei Tea Machine Factory and Xixi Nan Lianjin Cooperative Co., Ltd. developed a new type of multi-function fence classifier under the technical support of Huizhou District Agricultural Machinery Bureau.

The structure of the machine has been innovative on the tea grading machine. The technique of hand grading has been solved using a fence-type grading system, and it can be applied to the classification of lotus seeds and citrons. The processing volume per hour reaches 200-300 kg.

Oil Seal is used to seal oil (oil is the most common type of liquid substances in the transmission system, also refers to the general liquid substance) mechanical components, it will need lubricating parts and transmission parts output component segregation, unapt let lubricating oil leakage. Static seal and dynamic seal (general reciprocating movement) with the seals called seals. The representative form of oil seal is TC oil seal, which is a kind of double lip oil seal with self-tightening spring completely covered by rubber.

Oil seal of the scope of work related to the oil seal materials used: material is nitrile rubber (NBR) for - 40 ~ 120 ℃, Alec rubber (ACM) - 30 ~ 180 ℃, fluorine rubber (FPM) - 25 ~ 300 ℃.

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Oil Seal

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