Guangdong: China IV diesel replacement has also been completed in nearly half


A few days ago, the Guangdong Provincial Government issued a notice to announce that from the 1st of next month, the scope of supply of Guangdong IV gasoline will be expanded from the current 6 cities in the Pearl River Delta to the entire province. The reporter learned from the Sinopec Guangdong Petroleum Branch yesterday that the company’s oil upgrading and replacement work has been started ahead of schedule. At present, Sinopec has supplied Guangdong IV gasoline at most gas stations in Guangdong, and the National IV diesel replacement has also been completed by nearly half.

Phase 4 Vehicle Oil Upgrade Acceleration

Recently, the provincial government has issued "Notice on the Comprehensive Promotion of the Use of Guangdong IV Vehicle Gasoline and National IV Vehicle Diesel Fuel" to local governments and related departments. The "Notice" stated that in order to reduce the exhaust pollution of motor vehicles and improve the environmental air quality in the province, the provincial government decided to promote the use of Guangdong throughout the province according to the actual conditions of the province's oil price policy, resource supply, warehousing, and logistics and transportation deployment. IV vehicle gasoline, national IV vehicle diesel.

According to the "Notice", currently in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan and other six cities have been fully on the basis of the supply of vehicle gasoline in Guangdong IV, Shantou, Shaoguan, Heyuan, Meizhou, Huizhou, Shanwei, Jiangmen, Yangjiang, Zhanjiang , Maoming, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan, Chaozhou, Jieyang, and Yunfu have all gasoline stations within the administrative area of ​​15 cities. From December 1, this year, they will all sell Guangdong IV vehicle gasoline. From the 1st of next year onwards, the entire province will refuel. The station will also sell all vehicle IV diesel.

It is understood that the Guangdong IV gasoline standard was revised by the Guangdong Province on the basis of its actual conditions and was revised on the State IV oil standard. It was promulgated as early as the end of 2009. Based on the number of vehicles in the country, exhaust emissions have become a major source of urban air pollution in the Pearl River Delta. The pace of Guangdong's oil upgrading has always been ahead of the country. In the third and fourth stages of oil upgrades, they are all ahead of national standards. Launched the Guangdong III and Guangdong IV gasoline standards.

In August 2010, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan began to comprehensively promote the use of the Guangdong IV standard vehicle gasoline. The relevant departments in our province had planned to promote the use of Guangdong IV gasoline in the Pearl River Delta region from the beginning of this year. However, due to the lack of oil supply capacity, only 6 cities in the Pearl River Delta have been supplied. In July of this year, when the state began to impose the emission standards for the National IV diesel vehicles, the National IV diesel was not available in the entire province.

Because of the frequent haze and the air governance goals introduced in succession, the upgrading of oil products is imminent. This year, the relevant departments of the Ministry of Economics, Economics, Environmental Protection, and price have organized experts and oil companies to discuss and discuss several times. Several major petrochemical enterprises in the province have also increased the transformation and upgrading of refinery equipment. The “Notice” was issued this time. The final timetable for oil upgrades was clarified.

Sinopec has completed Yue IV gasoline replacement half a month ahead of schedule

It is worth noting that in order to ensure that the oil is supplied on schedule, the "Notice" also clarifies the timetable for the replacement of petrol and marking.

In addition to the six cities that have already been supplied first, the stations in the remaining 15 city administrative areas must complete the replacement and renewal of vehicles for Guangzhou IV vehicle gasoline by November 30. The label shall adopt “label+gasoline+(IV)” uniformly. Words; Gas stations within the province must complete the replacement and renewal of the national IV vehicle diesel fuel by December 31st. The label shall adopt the words “label + diesel + (IV)”.

The reporter learned from the Sinopec Guangdong Petroleum Branch on the 20th that due to the large-scale replacement of oil products requiring a certain period of time, Sinopec Guangdong Petroleum Branch formulated an oil product upgrade implementation plan from the beginning of October to start the replacement work in advance. At present, Guangdong Petroleum has basically completed the replacement of Yue IV gasoline within half a month in advance. The majority of China's petrochemical oil stations in the province are actually supplied with Guangdong IV standard gasoline; as for diesel, the replacement of China IV diesel is underway, and the replacement work has been completed. In the near half, from January 1, 2014, more than 2,200 Sinopec gas stations listed in 21 prefecture-level provinces will fully supply China IV vehicle diesel.

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