The Shipping Department will promote the urban green freight and distribution demonstration project


The Shipping Department will promote the urban green freight and distribution demonstration project Recently, according to Tian Chunqing, senior engineer of the Modern Logistics Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Transport, China Academy of Science and Technology, in order to implement the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Modern Logistics in the Transportation Industry” as soon as possible and solve the problems of high urban distribution costs and low operational efficiency, Better promote the development of urban distribution.

The Ministry of Transport will next focus on promoting urban green freight and distribution demonstration projects. The problem of high urban freight costs and low efficiency is expected to be resolved in recent years.

It is reported that the demonstration project of urban green freight and distribution is led by the Ministry of Transport and jointly promoted by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, and the National Development and Reform Commission. The green development of urban distribution will be used as a pilot demonstration content, and other green freight demonstrations such as drop-and-hook transportation, hub construction, etc. The project forms an organic whole.

It will use cities as the basic unit and enterprises as the main participants. It will select large and medium-sized cities with good city distribution systems nationwide and award it the title of “city pilot city for green freight and delivery demonstration projects”, and provide corresponding policies and policies. financial support.

Speaking of the basic conditions for the selection of model cities, Tian Chunqing stated that first, it should have a relatively large scale, and the commerce circulation should be more developed; secondly, it should have already issued relevant plans or policies; finally, in principle, it should also be the first-level logistics that the NDRC draws up. city.

As for the selected model cities, pilot work will be carried out in four areas. “One is to support the city's common distribution center and the construction of the terminal distribution network; the second is to support the development of common (centralized) distribution featuring 'centralized storage, unified library management, on-demand delivery, and planned transportation'; and third, support for city information. Platform construction, purchase of informatization equipment, and application of information technology; fourth, support (subsidy) distribution companies to purchase and update new energy or clean energy vehicles.”

With regard to the corresponding capital subsidy, Tian Chunqing revealed that the Ministry of Communications has already reached an agreement with the National Development and Reform Commission, and an initial subsidy of 100 million yuan has already been put in place. As for the specific logistics companies, how many subsidy will be received when updating various new energy distribution vehicles? Coming soon.

Through the implementation of "City Green Freight and Delivery Demonstration Project", Tian Chunqing said that it will comprehensively promote the upgrading of urban distribution infrastructure, vehicle equipment, and information technology; the organizational model of joint distribution, centralized distribution, and unified distribution will be widely used; The traffic efficiency and energy saving and emission reduction efficiency of distribution vehicles will become more apparent; the problem of urban traffic congestion will be alleviated; and the city’s economic and social development will meet the needs of urban residents’ production and living, ensuring the normal functioning of urban functions and providing more powerful protection.

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