Domestic auto boxing machine has weak market competitiveness and needs to be improved


In recent years, with the continuous development and strongness of the pharmaceutical industry in China, the number of drug types has continued to increase, and the dosage form of pharmaceuticals has continued to increase. The quality of products produced by major pharmaceutical plants continues to improve. Naturally, the demand for pharmaceutical packaging in China is also increasing. To enhance, especially the requirements for pharmaceutical automatic cartoning machines are also constantly improving, a variety of multi-functional fully automatic cartoning machines have also gradually been used by various pharmaceutical companies.

At present, China has a wide range of domestic medicine automatic cartoning machines with a full range of numbers, which can basically meet the packaging needs of various pharmaceutical products produced by various pharmaceutical manufacturers in China. According to different classification methods, the automatic cartoning machine currently produced in China can be divided into several types.

According to the different packaging materials, there are four major series, which can be divided into B type G type box, namely bubble cap type injection type and ointment type automatic cartoning machine; from the perspective of the operation speed of automatic cartoning machine, Divide it into 3 categories, the first type is the medium and low speed type, the speed is about 60-80 boxes/min; the second type is the medium and high speed type, the speed is about 80~120 boxes/min; the third type is the high speed type, the speed is greater than 150 boxes/min each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Use is not consistent.

At present, compared with similar foreign products, the relatively well-known drug automatic cartoning machine manufacturers in China have the following major problems: 1. There is a large gap in market competitiveness. In terms of market share, the domestic medicine automatic cartoning machine has only about 30% of the market share. It only has a slight advantage in the low-end market, and other markets are divided by imported products. 2. The function needs to be improved. At present, many large-scale pharmaceutical manufacturers in China still use imported medicine automatic cartoning machines. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the comprehensive performance of the domestically-manufactured automatic cartoning machine cannot meet the needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

In recent years, in addition to some manufacturers specialized in the production of automatic cartoning machines, some domestic universities and research institutes have also participated in the development and production of automatic cartoning machines. Xiaozhan Xiaobian believes that relying on the scientific research strength of various universities and research institutes, the development and production of domestic automatic cartoning machines will have major breakthroughs in the near future.

Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

The glazed roll forming machine consist of uncoiler and its base, coil sheet guiding equipment, roll forming system, post cutting equipment, pressing equipment, post-cutting system,hydraulic station, controlling system, supporter table.

Glazed tiles for a wide range of applications: villas, residential buildings, flat to slope, stations, public facilities, landscape rooms and other light steel roof, cast-in-place concrete structure roof, wood roof. Product color can be customized according to your needs, so as to meet the needs of customers and the style of housing to ensure the quality of the roof at the same time to do beautiful and generous.


Glazed tile roll forming machines



Cutting type

Pillar guide

Shaft type


Roller processing




Computer screen

Touch screen

Machine frame

300 H steel


2-3 m/min

Width of the raw material



13 rows 

Diameter of the roller


Total power


Dimension of major structure(L*W*H)


Suitable material to process

Colored armor plate with the bending intensity of 235 MPA

Glazed tile roll forming machine

Glazed Tile And Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine

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