· China Car Network Security Alliance will be established


On the morning of October 21st, at the 2015 SyScan360 conference, 360 founder and president Qi Xiangdong revealed that 360 has cooperated with many organizations and car companies to prepare for the establishment of the China Car Network Security Alliance to gather the network security capabilities of the whole society and jointly face and solve the car. Information system security.
US hackers demonstrate long-range attack cars This afternoon, famous American hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Varasek also came to the 2015 SyScan360 presentation. In the speech, they demonstrated a remote attack on an unmodified factory car. They used the car. The different hardware sends the CAN bus information to the critical electronic control unit and also shares information that affects the vehicle's physical system.
Just three months ago, they used the in-vehicle information service system "UConnect" to successfully invade a Jeep Cherokee on the highway ten miles away, causing the car to fail and turn into the ditch. Since then, the threat posed by hackers has officially entered the life threat level. Subsequently, Chrysler announced the recall of about 1.4 million cars with software vulnerabilities, the first car manufacturer to recall the car because of hacking risks.
Networked intelligentization has repeatedly become a veritable "computer on wheels". In 2014, the computer on the car, at least 100 computers, running 60 million lines of code, exchange 25MB of data per hour. Intelligent and networked brings easy, economical, convenient, enjoyable and intelligent experiences such as smart navigation, autonomous driving, automatic parking, car and car connectivity, remote control, and driverless driving.
However, because the computing and networking systems used in automobiles follow the existing computing and networking architectures, and inherit the natural security flaws of these systems, the automotive industry is facing an increasingly difficult information security situation in the PC and Internet sectors, hacking. Security vulnerabilities, car cracking and hijacking began to be associated with cars.
In February 2015, the US General Motors OnStar system was exposed to security vulnerabilities, and hackers could use it to remotely control the car. 360 announced the discovery of a defect in the Tesla application. The attacker could use this vulnerability to remotely control the vehicle, unlocking and whistling. , flashing lights, turning on the sunroof, etc.
The safety experts of the 2015 HackPWN Safety Geek Carnival Organizing Committee demonstrated the use of this security hole to open the car door, start the car, open the trunk and so on. BYD confirmed that the vulnerability exists.
Frequent security breaches and hacking incidents indicate that car information system security is directly affecting car safety and endangering public safety, personal and property safety.
"People may not understand how dangerous it is to invade a browser, but they can easily understand how terrible it is when a hacker controls a car." Charlie Miller said he hopes to point out the flaws and show how dangerous they are. So, car manufacturers will put more effort into safety.
China Auto Network Security Alliance will "recreate security"
In September of this year, UBER, the world's leading car software, hired Charlie Miller and Chris Varasek to join, and the two hackers created a world-class security project for UBER automated driving. Network security talents and car manufacturers have become an important direction for the development of car networking.
The reporter understands that some auto manufacturers at home and abroad have also invited hackers to carry out "checks" for the automobile association. The Canadian military contract will include hackers' analysis of the light pickup truck system in 2015. Hackers must identify the vulnerabilities and show how the car was hacked.
"With the full application of the Internet of Vehicles technology, automotive attacks, cloud service security, and in-vehicle communication systems are all facing the challenge of security issues." In 2015, SyScan360, 360 founder and president Qi Xiangdong revealed that 360 is cooperating with multiple organizations. And the car companies, preparing for the establishment of the China Car Network Security Alliance.
Qi Xiangdong introduced that the alliance will integrate the cyber security capabilities of the whole society, extensive technical exchanges and cooperation across industries, promote industry and technological innovation, and jointly face and solve the information system security of automobiles.
The reporter understands that the China Internet of Vehicles Security Alliance will promote the safety of information systems in the design, development and testing of automobile manufacturers and related industrial chains, and promote the establishment of corresponding norms, standards and systems; promote cooperation between the automotive industry and the network security industry, and jointly respond And address the ever-changing security of information systems; involve and assist third-party security researchers to participate in the research and resolution of automotive information systems security issues.

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