Two instruments selected for the first set of the Zhejiang Province in 2016


On November 5, the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission publicized the “List of Results of the First (Set) Product Identification in the Key Fields of Equipment Manufacturing in Zhejiang Province in 2016”. There are 67 products in the list, including the domestic first (set) There are 3 items of products, and 64 items of the first (set) products in the province. The products include two instrument products, special equipment programmable logic controllers and 600MW thermal power field bus systems.

The “2016 Public Announcement List of Product Identification of the First (set) Product in the Key Field of Equipment Manufacturing in Zhejiang Province” is based on the “Certificate for the First (Set) Product Identification in the Key Area of ​​Equipment Manufacturing in Zhejiang Province” (Zhejing Xinxin Technology [2010] No. 520). ) and the “Notice of the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Committee on Organizing the Notification of the First (Set) Product of the Key Equipment Manufacturing Industry in Zhejiang Province in 2016” (Zhejing Xinxin Technology [2015] No. 366), and the economic and information of Zhejiang Province The Chemical Committee evaluates the products of the reporting company.

The special equipment programmable logic controller of China Controlled and the 600MW thermal power plant field bus system of Helisky were selected into the first set in Zhejiang Province. Programmable logic controllers that use a type of programmable memory to store programs internally, perform user-oriented instructions such as logic operations, sequence control, timing, counting, and arithmetic operations, and pass digital or analog inputs/outputs. Control various types of machinery or production processes.

The Fieldbus System (FCS) is an all-digital serial, two-way communication system. In-system measurement and control devices such as probes, actuators, and controllers can be connected, monitored, and controlled. The thermal power plant fieldbus system includes 600MW and 1000MW. The field bus technology applied to the thermal power unit saves cables, and it avoids the non-intelligent connection between the intelligent field instrument and the intelligent control room device, and can also obtain a wealth of equipment operation from the field device. information.

These two kinds of instrument products can be selected into the first set publicity list, indicating that the technology of the production enterprises is very mature. In addition to instrument products, there are long-distance pipeline intelligent control welding ball valve, anti-impact check valve, SSZ10-ZN-240000/220 intelligent transformer, high torque fast-acting pipeline valve intelligent gas-liquid linkage actuator, automatic light Instrumentation, such as the laser-luminescence detector (LICA500), was selected for the first set.

English referred to as ICD, full name Industrial Communication Device. This section will introduce the wired communication equipment and wireless communication equipment applicable to industrial control environment in a comprehensive way. Wired communications equipment to address the industrial field of serial communication, professional bus-based communications, industrial Ethernet communications and various communication protocols between the conversion equipment. Wireless communication equipment is mainly wireless AP, wireless bridge, wireless card, wireless lightning arrester, antenna and other equipment.


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