Heating system and compressed air pipeline construction points


>The pipeline vertical and horizontal fruit heating system to make a qualified heating system, not only the indoor temperature meets the design requirements, but also the indoor radiator should be evenly dissipated evenly, without the uneven heat and cold, the cold and the heat. In order to reduce heat loss, the outdoor pipeline should also be insulated to maintain the stability of the indoor temperature. In addition, the thermal load of the boiler and the commissioning of the entire system affect the heating effect. For compressed air pipes, there are also special requirements for itself. As a famous management, construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the standard, laying a good foundation for quality projects.

Heating system I main pipe branch pipe has air stored in the slope pipe will cause the system not to be hot.

The main pipe branch should be set with slope, the main pipe slope to the end, the branch pipe to the radiator, and reliable exhaust measures to prevent the permanent air from flowing with the water flow to ensure the normal operation of the system.

For the single riser connection in the next supply system, don't wear it to the end, that is to say, you can't use the three-way to connect the radiator separately, that is, the water supply from the upper layer of the upper layer is connected to the lower layer, and the upper radiator is caused by the returning water. Not hot has a good effect.

Considering the convenience of maintenance: the drain device should be installed at the lowest point of the system and discharged into the toilet drain or the place where it is not in the way.

In order to ensure the thermal performance of the radiator, the radiator should be tested for heat dissipation area and metal heat strength. At the same time, a single set of pressure test should be carried out before installation to determine its tightness. After the installation of the whole system is completed, the system pressure test is performed.

The pipe diameter should be rounded, and it is not allowed to use elbows with too small bending radius to prevent excessive resistance and reduce flow. The tee of the main pipe joint branch shall be made into a horn tee to avoid eddy current phenomenon.

Pipes and radiators shall be fitted with unions or flanges for ease of installation and maintenance. These accessories must be installed in the correct position, other accessories such as valves, temperature control valves, etc. should also be installed in place, the size of the wall to meet the functional requirements.

The pipe must be flushed before heating to prevent debris from clogging the pipe and ensuring that the pipe is unobstructed.

The pipe level should be divided into two types: compressed air pipe and low pressure and medium pressure. These two pipes can not be mixed to avoid accidents. New pipes should be numbered and stacked separately. Do not take the wrong time when installing.

There are many compressed air pipes, except for the intake pipe of the compressor, as well as the pipes of the exhaust pipe, deoiled water separator, condenser, dryer, etc., and there should be no interference or rubbing between these pipes and pipes or pipes and equipment. . Pipes are not allowed to have a slope to facilitate subsequent repairs. Equipment with water discharge requirements shall be provided with a drain valve and shall not be missed.

The gas storage tank is the main equipment. Its function is to eliminate the periodic pulsation caused by the compressed air, keep the air pressure stable, and reserve the gas volume so that the gas is urgently needed. The pipeline on the gas storage tank is low in and out, that is, from the compressor. Cao Minsheng Lin Qingjun's pipeline enters the gas tank from the bottom of the gas storage tank, and the user's pipeline is taken out from the top of the gas tank, and two tubes are added as much as possible. The spacing between them is to further separate the oil in the pipeline. Pressure gauges, safety valves and valves for draining oil and water should also be installed on the gas tank.

Gas is more likely to leak and penetrate more strongly than water. Therefore, all interfaces must be tight. Choose a suitable gasket and weld the weld to clean the iron oxide. The flanged bolts after tightening should leave room for continued tightening. The flanges that are screwed must not have defects such as mouth opening, partial mouth, wrong mouth, other strength, unevenness of the gap. When testing, carefully check the tightness of each interface and do not allow traces of gas to escape.

<3> Accessories must be installed in a wide variety of valves and functions. The type, size and quantity of the valve used for the compressed air line should match the drawing. When installing, the position should be right, the orientation is reasonable, the operation is convenient, the arrangement is neat, and the performance is good, so that it plays its due role.

The blind plate used for sealing shall have a handle for easy extraction at the end; the hose for discharging shall be fixed with a clamp and shall not be loose; the discharge pipe on the safety valve shall be connected to a remoteness of more than 2m. In order to avoid hurting people. When the pressure gauge is installed, a spring tube with a buffering function and a cock for repairing function are installed in front of the pressure gauge. The installation of the pipe bracket shall meet the requirements, and shall not have any defects such as looseness, displacement, over-buried or swaying.

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