· Michelin renewed the electric formula championship supplier


Recently, Michelin won the bid in the FIA's bidding and will provide tires and related services for the FIA ​​Electric Formula Championship. This means that Michelin will continue to be the exclusive tire supplier for the Electric Formula Championship until the end of the 2018/2019 season.
Since the launch of the electric formula championship, Michelin has always been a technical partner of the event. As early as 2013, Michelin stood out in the FIA's primaries. This is mainly due to Michelin's expertise in designing and manufacturing high performance and energy efficient tires. Michelin Global Tournament Director Pascal Couasnon said: "The Electric Formula Championship is an excellent laboratory for the innovative development of sustainable urban transport. The Michelin PilotSportEV designed by Michelin for the Electric Formula Championship is also the history of the world's motorsports. A revolutionary tire, praised by all the drivers and teams.” At the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, the Michelin Group exhibited the latest Michelin PilotSport4. The tread pattern design of this civilian tire is inspired by Michelin's tires designed for the FIA ​​Electric Formula Championship.

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