Drilling logging tool installation


Drilling logging tool installation

ZLJ-2000 Drilling Logging Tool Introduction The portable computer is small in size, portable and reliable, and easy to carry and use in the wild. The front-end of the portable computer is equipped with a dedicated high-speed data acquisition system to compose the ZLJ-2000 Drilling Tool (hereinafter referred to as ZLJ-2000). Because this new type of automatic drilling logging tool adopts front and back design, the instrument is compact and portable and easy to maintain. And because the background uses the background data processing software developed on the WindowXP operating system, the user is very convenient to operate, as long as simple training, you can master the operation and application of the software. The user will not affect the normal application of other applications in the computer during logging.
The hardware of the ZLJ-2000 drill logging tool consists of a data acquisition box and a computer.

In the ZLJ-2000 drill logging tool, an industrial-grade computer and a reliable peripheral application circuit are used to adapt to the harsh environment of the site. ZLJ-2000 drill logging instrument directly uses 220V AC input, equipped with various sensor interfaces on the back panel of the instrument.
ZLJ-2000 Drilling Logging Tool is equipped with winch sensor, pump impulse sensor (optional), suspension weight sensor (optional) and total hydrocarbon content sensor. According to user's requirements, it can also provide sleeve pressure, vertical pressure, hydrogen sulfide, Interfaces such as sensors.
ZLJ-2000 Drilling Logging Tool is a new generation of all-hydrocarbon content detector newly designed and developed by our company. It adopts the advanced catalytic combustion gas sensor in the United Kingdom. The total hydrocarbon measurement range is 200PPm to 100%. The entire detector is composed of a gas sensor and a degasifier. The integrated structure is adopted. Its biggest advantage is its small size and easy installation. The connection between the detector and the ZLJ-2000 Drilling Logging Unit is very easy and simple. It overcomes the problems of the large size of the original sensor, multiple equipment, difficulty in installation, and complicated connection. In terms of accuracy, the original hydrocarbon hydrocarbon detector has a measurement range of up to 10%. To measure to 100% requires special treatment. And this new type of detector can measure directly to 100% without any processing. Improves the accuracy of the measurement of total hydrocarbon gas content.

Open Winch

Maximum Load: 600.000t

Drawing on the valued experience and expertise accumulated over the years in Crane manufacturing industry along with the thinking on the advanced crane technology development trend, we now launched the latest EW series open winch onto the market to solve your industrial applications.

This series of open winch comes with various configurations to cover a wide range of lifting capacities, ranging from 8t to over 600t.Its compact design provides a better bang for the buck solution for crane industry. This design houses many attributes, such as dependable quality, and effective and stable running, in addition to operating safety which is the primary focus of our design.Its ergonomic features increase user comfort.

In order to meet customer specific requirements, we have prepared plenty of options for use in combination with our open winch, such as the turn over hoist, anti-sway device, and automatic.

Positioning device, winch servicing and monitoring device, or remote diagnostic tool. We also provide personalized, professional solutions to customers with our experience and advanced techniques.

As a high-tech product, the EW series open winch represents a technological advance in the crane manufacturing industry. Multiple patents have been granted for this revolutionary creation. Born to be admired, the winch aims to improve productivity, lower maintenance cost, extent crane use life, and increase return on investment, thereby creating more value for customers. This winch is widely seen in the papermaking industry, electricity generation industry, waste to energy industry, steel industry, steel industry, petrochemical industry, and metallurgical industry.

EW Winch

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