Chlorophyll meter plays an important role in the application of nitrogen fertilizer technology


Nitrogen fertilizer has two sides for agricultural production. On the one hand, it has an excellent effect of increasing production and maturation and is an indispensable part of agricultural production. On the other hand, if the amount of nitrogen fertilizer applied is not well controlled, then it will cause environmental pollution in crop diseases. Therefore, with the continuous improvement of people's environmental awareness and the need for the development of refined agriculture, the appropriate use of nitrogen fertilizer is becoming more and more important. In the application of nitrogen fertilizer technology, there is such an important detection instrument - chlorophyll meter, the application of this instrument plays an important role in controlling the appropriate supply of nitrogen fertilizer.

Chlorophyll meter

The chlorophyll meter is mainly used to measure the relative level of chlorophyll or “greenness” of the leaves of plants to reflect the level of nutrition of the plants and to determine whether the nitro is missing or excessive in the soil. Leaf is an important organ for photosynthesis of plants. Nitrogen content in leaves is an important indicator for determining plant nutrition, and the content of chlorophyll in leaves is closely related to the current nutritional status of crops. Studies have shown that chlorophyll content is usually associated with leaves. The nitrogen content in the plant usually grows proportionally. Therefore, using the chlorophyll meter to determine the relative chlorophyll meter content of the crop can accurately determine the nutrient status of the crop, and then guide the rational application of the nitrogen fertilizer.

In agricultural production, many times we may know the current demand for nitrogen for a certain crop, but to ensure that the applied nitrogen fertilizer happens to be able to meet the needs of the crop, then we need to understand what the current nutritional level of the crop is, and from the chlorophyll Starting from the angle is the most reasonable, and because of this, the chlorophyll meter can play such an important role in the application of nitrogen fertilizer technology. After applying the chlorophyll meter, the application of nitrogen fertilizer became more precise and reasonable. Some experiments showed that with the guidance of the chlorophyll meter, it is possible to help reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer by 10% while ensuring that the crop yield does not decrease. The environmental pollution caused by excessive nitrogen fertilizer reduces the cost of agricultural production. The effect of cost-saving and efficiency increase is obvious.

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