The new era of electrolytic aluminum enterprises green development of "slots"


2017, China's aluminum industry, non-ferrous metals Zhengzhou Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhengzhou Research Institute) "steady flow of new energy-saving thermal insulation aluminum electrolytic technology" (Aluminum Corporation of China referred FHEST internal technology) 8 aluminum in the whole company The company has promoted nearly 350,000 tons of production capacity on 470 electrolytic cells. After transformation, it entered the normal stage of 204 electrolyzers, and the average energy saving of 503kWh/t-Al reached the expected target. The annual emission reduction equivalent CO2 was about 150,000 tons. The company energy saving, cost efficiency has made outstanding contributions. At present, the technology has successfully passed the national key energy-saving technology defense organized by the National Development and Reform Commission and was listed in the third place in the national key energy-saving technology catalogue.

Do a good job of demonstrating the results

The good application effect of FHEST technology has been highly valued by leaders of China Aluminum Group Corporation and Chinalco Co., Ltd., and it is decided that since 2017, the company's subordinate electrolytic aluminum enterprises have adopted the FHEST technology developed by Zhengzhou Research Institute. According to the company's deployment, Zhengzhou Research Institute quickly established the FHEST Technology Promotion Leading Group led by General Manager Shi Zhirong. Aluminum Electrolysis Research Institute and Henan Huahui Engineering Design Co., Ltd. established a technical promotion team of 53 people, including 5 results transformation service groups and 5 engineering technical support groups for engineering construction, simulation, drawing design, raw material support, analysis and testing. The division of labor is clear, providing personnel protection for the smooth progress of the project. “Every time we promote an electrolyzer, we can create an economic benefit of more than 100,000 yuan per year for the company. We must attach great importance to it and race against time.” Shi Zhirong stressed at the mobilization meeting.

In the case of few personnel and heavy tasks, in order to fully implement the company and departmental arrangements, the Aluminum Electrolysis Research Institute has scientifically decomposed the tasks, planning in advance from personnel training, enterprise research, drawing design, material preparation, analysis and testing, etc. It has ensured the smooth progress of the promotion and application of FHEST technology. According to the division of labor, each technical service team quickly went to 8 electrolytic aluminum enterprises such as Liancheng Branch, Shandong Huayu, Qinghai Branch, Shanxi Huaze, Zunyi Aluminum, Lanzhou Branch, Baotou Aluminum and Guizhou Branch. According to the company plan, Promote new technology promotion for its 180kA~500kA series of electrolytic cells that need to be overhauled.

The leaders of various enterprises also attach great importance to it and are equipped with corresponding working groups to actively cooperate. But at the same time, they are also very drumming in their hearts. Isn't this technology going to work? "Every time we go to a company, we first let the company provide us with the most representative slots to demonstrate, and we can't make the final decision." "Chai Dengpeng, director of the Institute of Aluminum Electrolysis, said with confidence.

Through in-depth and meticulous research on the spot, each project team quickly completed the basic work of original electrolytic cell design drawing analysis, electrolyte sampling analysis, and comprehensively mastered all the basic data of about 4,000 electrolytic cells in 15 series of 8 enterprises. In order to ensure the implementation effect, the project team formulated the relevant technical documents such as FHEST technology furnace construction specification, roasting start specification and process technology in the shortest time, and required strict operation according to the regulations during project implementation. According to the regulations, 30 technical and technical personnel were engaged in internal technical exchanges and training; 20 construction and furnace workers were engaged in on-site and practical training for more than 50 times of cathode assembly, lining laying, and paste consolidation. . On the basis of earnest research and judgment, their specific problems were analyzed in detail, and they adopted a one-factory policy or a one-slot policy. Completed overhaul and optimization plan design for the lining optimization design drawings of 8 enterprise electrolyzers.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation and progress of the project, they plan ahead and prepare in advance to ensure the supply of raw materials. First, the project team will provide the cathode carbon block and side block order drawings to the enterprise in advance to ensure the ordering period. The second is to stock 5,000 tons of steel billets and 3,000 tons of anti-seepage materials in advance, and make a number of square steel molds of the required specifications, and start production and delivery in advance to ensure the project needs.

After the roasting is started, as the trough gradually enters the normal period, the effects of energy saving, emission reduction and ease of management are increasingly apparent. Each demonstration tank realizes more than 500 degrees of electricity saving per ton of aluminum before the big modification, and some even saves nearly 1,000 degrees, and the operation is stable, the operation is convenient, and the management is scientific. The promotion and application effect is at the leading level both domestically and internationally. Good results have motivated the company's enthusiasm. On the basis of the original promotion plans and agreements, some enterprises such as Liancheng Branch and Lanzhou Branch proposed additional 20 or 30 overhaul electrolyzers for technical promotion.

Keep improving and quality

FHEST technology is the innovation of Zhengzhou Research Institute in recent years. Through a large number of laboratory experiments, industrial tests and actual production verification, it has integrated 12 patents, supporting furnace building specifications, post-management specifications and on-site service guidance. A comprehensive technology to reduce aluminum electrolytic power consumption and CO2 emissions. In August 2016, the expert group of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association assessed that the technology has greatly improved the energy utilization efficiency, economic efficiency and competitiveness of electrolytic aluminum enterprises. It is a major development direction of advanced aluminum electrolysis energy-saving technology, with mature technology and strong applicability. After promoting the application on different trough types, the overall energy saving effect has reached the international leading level. In 2016, the technology won the first prize for technological progress in the non-ferrous industry.

The promotion of FHEST technology is a complex system engineering, involving all aspects of the large modification of the electrolytic cell. “The electrolysis cell overhaul involves more than 20 processes, and there are only 8 processes in the furnace construction. FHEST technology has strict requirements on it. If a process is not done well, it will affect the overall quality and effect.” Talking about familiar work Hou Guanghui, deputy director of the Institute of Aluminum Electrolysis, is a few treasures. According to him, during the construction period, the project team members need to stare at the scene day and night. They strictly control the quality, from raw materials to construction specifications, excellence, meticulous. Each batch of materials of all promotion enterprises shall be self-sampled, tested and analyzed to strictly control the quality of the lining materials. In order to ensure the quality of the construction of the furnace, they insisted on the principle of strict control such as “full tracking, process control, and process control”. The construction process of each furnace is checked and accepted, and the construction party, Zhengzhou Research Institute and the implementing enterprise jointly sign and confirm the acceptance form before proceeding to the next process.

When talking about the difficulties encountered in the promotion, Cao Yongfeng, the leader of the results transformation team, felt: "In the early stage of the promotion, we still have conflicts with the technical staff and front-line employees of the company. Our requirements and theirs There are many inconsistencies in the customary practices, they have resistance, do not fully comply with the technical guidance. Sometimes the requirements are too strict, do not meet the requirements of the construction specifications, need to rework, will increase the workload, they have opinions. We all understand, because They are really hard." "But with the improvement of the electrolyzers after the overhaul of FHEST technology, when they see that energy saving and consumption reduction is very effective, they also have a sense of accomplishment and pride, and work is getting more and more. Actively, gradually developed a good habit of seriousness and meticulousness, and the cooperation between the two sides is getting better and better now." Jiao Qingguo, the leader of the results transformation team, added.

Teaching technology to cooperate

In the process of technology promotion, faced with the worries and confusions of “technical outflow” of “teachers who are starving to death”, Fan Dalin, secretary of the party committee and executive director of Zhengzhou Research Institute, said in a speech at the relevant scientific and technological work conference: “We are a company The outstanding technology research and development center should focus on the overall development of the company. All the companies and we are a family. In the process of technology promotion, we must not only transfer the technology to the company, but also focus on cooperation and seek a win-win situation."

After the technical service personnel enter the company, the first thing is to carry out technical exchanges and training. For the FHEST technical regulations, the company's relevant personnel shall carry out process technology, construction technology exchange, and complete disclosure; conduct furnace building standard exchange and training for the furnace construction workers; perform roasting start, process technical specification exchange and training for operators. And established a weekly regular communication mechanism to coordinate differences and resolve existing problems. "We have no reservations about technology, especially the front-line employees of the company. We are often taught by hands-on training until we fully grasp it." The results of the transformation of the five-group leader Hu Qingyu told the author.

Due to the small number of personnel, tight schedules and heavy tasks, the technical service personnel disregarded the severe cold and heat, and did not fear the dust noise. They adhered to the front line of construction and operation of the enterprise every day, worked overtime to catch up with the progress, and rushed to sweat, and a large number of emerged. An advanced figure, composing a song of touching and devotion. At the FHEST technology promotion summary evaluation and technical exchange meeting organized by the company on November 18, 2017, the leaders of the enterprises and the participating experts fully affirmed the overall progress of the project and the phased effects obtained, and often the technical staff of the project team. The spirit of hard work and hard work at the scene, rigorous and serious work attitude, and the innovative approach to solving problems in the promotion were highly praised.

All enterprises also attach great importance to the promotion of FHEST technology, and organize the elites to fully cooperate. The main leaders of the company often attend coordination meetings of both parties to ensure that problems are resolved in the shortest possible time. Frontline employees actively cooperate with the construction and transformation, often working overtime until late at night. “Corporate leaders are very concerned about the lives of our service staff, and they are well arranged in terms of food and shelter.” Wang Junqing, a group leader, said that he is grateful to the company.

It is precisely because of the close cooperation between the two parties that the promotion of FHEST technology has progressed rapidly, and the construction period of each tank has been greatly reduced. At present, FHEST technology is not only blooming in Chinalco, but also in the entire electrolytic aluminum industry.

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