Tyrema Retarder Boosts Dangerous Goods Operation Vehicle Brake Safety


Tai Lema 's investigation of the domestic special-purpose vehicle market has learned that national regulations have strict requirements on the safe operation of dangerous goods transport vehicles, and more and more efforts have been made to implement the policies and regulations concerning the installation of retarder auxiliary brakes for dangerous goods transport vehicles. Large, especially the city's small dangerous goods transport vehicles gradually release the need for retarder installation, from 2 tons to 12 tons is the mainstream market for the installation of dangerous goods vehicles.
Dongfeng Dofoka
Dongfeng Dofoka

For this reason, in order to improve the safety performance of its operating vehicles, Tellabs has carefully developed AX5 series retarder products that are designed to operate dangerous goods vehicles with a small tonnage in China. The product torque covers 700-1000N.m. With the characteristics of imported AD5 series products from France and the quality of high quality, high standards, high consistency, and high reliability, it also adapts to domestic conditions and provides users with safety, comfort, reliability, environmental protection, and economical retarder.

Tyler eddy current retarder products are widely welcomed by users in Hubei, Shandong, Sichuan, and Guizhou for their fast braking response, light weight, and reliable safety.



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