· Hella Group's 10 millionth 24GHz radar sensor successfully launched


A few days ago, Hella Group announced that the 10 millionth 24GHz radar sensor was off the assembly line at the electronics factory in Hamm, Germany.

The history of the Hella Group's first-generation 24 GHz radar sensor into mass production dates back to 2005. Since then, sensor systems have become an ideal choice for a wide range of applications with standard features such as blind spot detection, lane change assistance and rear parking assistance. To accomplish these tasks, the sensor records speed, angle, and distance information for a variety of objects within 70 meters, and then evaluates the information. “We are continuing to develop radar technology based on 24 GHz sensors,” said Carsten Roch, head of the driving assistance system at HELLA Group. “The fourth generation of 24 GHz radar sensors will be launched globally in mid-2017. Production."

The fourth generation of radar sensors will provide enhanced safety features. In addition to the standard features mentioned above, the latest generation of radars will include features such as getting on the door. This allows some dangerous situations (such as passing vehicles) to be detected as early as possible, as well as warnings to passengers inside the vehicle. However, the enhancement of various functions is not the only focus of the new generation of sensors. The Hella Group is developing a 24 GHz radar sensor using a modular platform approach, which means that the development of the 24 GHz radar sensor is inseparable from the 77 GHz radar sensor, and the 77 GHz radar sensor is also a new product. The 77 GHz radar technology enables fine scanning of the area around the vehicle, even adjacent areas, which provides an opportunity to develop more innovative safety and comfort features.

The new generation of sensors is the result of a cooperation between Hella Group and InnoSenT Co., Ltd. Since 2005, InnoSenT Co., Ltd. has become a partner of Hella Group and started cooperation with Hella Group in June 2016. Radar products. Thanks to the modular platform approach with almost identical sensor design and the use of the same standard operating software, car manufacturers can replace sensors in vehicles with minimal cost and human resources. In addition, they can flexibly adjust the driving assistance system in use according to the needs and requirements of customers. In order to determine the best installation location of the sensor in the car, Hella Group provides customers with computer-aided simulations that have been continuously developed and expanded over the years. “24 GHz and 77 GHz radar products are not mutually exclusive. The 24 GHz narrowband technology is not subject to any supervisory management restrictions and can be used anywhere in the world. In addition, the price advantage of this technology is also a great advantage for the small automotive sector. Where." Karlsten Roach said. The fourth-generation radar products based on 24 GHz technology also enable HELLA Group to continue its journey on the road to its goal of applying driver assistance systems to the mass market.

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