Domestic instrument industry analysis


Recently, the "12th Five-year Development Plan for Instruments and Meter Industry" published by the China Instrument Industry Association clearly stated that in the next five years and the next five years, the entire industry will vigorously promote the restructuring of enterprises and actively cultivate the Yangtze River Delta, Chongqing, and Bohai Rim The three industrial agglomerations constitute 3 to 5 enterprises with over 10 billion yuan in value, and over 100 companies have sales exceeding 1 billion yuan.

It can be seen that although China's instrumentation business has achieved certain development in recent years, the phenomenon of unreasonable structure is still serious. The irrationality of the corporate structure includes the irrationality of the internal structure of the company and the irrationality of the product structure. The irrationalities within a company include the establishment of departments, the distribution of personnel, and the distribution of property rights. However, some companies have also taken certain measures to adjust. For example, SMEs actively spur GEM, promote the standardized operation of enterprises, establish a modern enterprise system, promote a virtuous cycle of high-tech investment, increase the flow of high-tech investment resources and the use of efficiency, and encourage employees to participate in the creation of value. Under the guidance of the state, state-owned enterprises, through asset restructuring and structural adjustment, have concentrated their efforts and strengthened their focus to improve the overall quality of state-owned enterprises and reorganize them according to operating conditions. The irrational product structure, the relevant departments by subtraction to suppress long-term products to prevent product convergence phenomenon.

For example, the Chongqing Silian Instrument Group, which ranks first in the country, a company in the top ten in the world, and one of the six largest instrumentation bases in the country at that time, has crossed the threshold of 1 billion US dollars in annual sales, but if it is placed in recent years, Under the background of the implementation of large-scale integration by state-owned enterprises in Chongqing, it is still possible to feel the hidden worries brought about by the ceiling of the industry, because the threshold of the top five global automation instruments is only $2 billion. So Quadruple adjusted its strategy by developing diversification through specialization, sprinting billions of clubs.

However, due to the rapid changes in market demand and the rapid development of technology, instrument and instrument companies still have a long way to go to adjust their structure. In particular, China vigorously promotes new industries such as energy-saving emission reduction and green economy, modern manufacturing, clean energy, large aircrafts, marine engineering, and smart grids, urban rail transit, and people’s livelihood. Although there are large market opportunities and many opportunities, due to With drastic changes, the task of adjusting the structure of the industry is still very arduous.

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