Shanghai's used car market is slashed by new cars


According to statistics, from the start of June of this year to the present, the sales volume of the used car market in Shanghai has not dropped significantly compared with the same period, but only the second-hand car dealers know what they are. Behind this decline in sales is to keep sales by lowering the purchase price and lowering the selling price.

At present, when a used car brokerage company collects a car, it is more likely to refer to the condition of the vehicle rather than the year. Even if your car has only 2-3 years of use, if the car is not in good condition, the price drop will be very serious. In fact, the main reason for this phenomenon is the price war in the new car market.

Consumers are returning to the used car market and have a new understanding of the used car market. Although there are more people who have the willingness to purchase cars, due to careful consideration, most people are still very concerned about the price of the vehicles, and basically they will be “comparisons,” but the signs of a pick-up in the used-car market are also very worthy of celebration. .

It is understood that Shanghai's second-hand car market's price cuts and preferential sales not only appear in one market, several large-scale second-hand car dealers in Shanghai have adopted a large number of preferential activities, and the volume of transactions in each market has increased. Solve their temporary difficulties. Price cuts should not be the only way to stimulate people's consumption. If they rely on price cuts to attract consumers' attention, it will be painful, but this time the car dealers' large-scale price cuts are very likely to be used by Shanghai. The price of cars will have a huge impact and will result in different price patterns. This may be a good time for you to buy a car.

A large number of dealers in the new car market will cut their sales prices. At the same time, this situation will affect the used car market. Nowadays, many second-hand car dealers have begun to cut prices. This time, it is the best time to buy a car every year, whether it is a new car or a used car. , The shot is drawn.

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