Weichai's "Green Chinese Heart" Appears in Rongcheng and Shows Power of the King of Oil


As the source of vehicle power, the engine can be said to be the core of the construction machinery chain; in 2011, the operating income of China's construction machinery industry increased by nearly 17% year-on-year, and the market scale reached 500 billion yuan. However, as construction machinery promotes China's economic development, how to effectively reduce the user's cost, and how to comply with the country's policy of actively building a conservation-oriented society. Become a new challenge for China's engine companies.

On April 8, 2012, a large-scale series of fuel-efficient experience camps of Weichai Power was held in Chengdu. In the end, Weichai “power-saving power” achieved an average of 10.44% per hour lower than the average engine’s fuel consumption, which attracted audiences and praised the power-saving model of Weichai Power. This event not only highly reflects the development mission of Weichai Power's “Green Power, International Weichai” development, but also indicates that the engine industry is shifting from product competition to energy-saving technology innovation, service competition, and soft power improvement.

On the day of the event, weichai power distributors and hundreds of users in the southwest region witnessed the actual energy-saving effect of fuel-saving vanguard products created by Weichai Power, and detailed understanding of the efficient fuel-efficient power scheme provided by Weichai Power for dealers and end users.

Chengdu is an engine city for the development of the country's western region and has become the core growth pole of the western region's economy. A city that is rapidly developing is bound to be an important goal for the engine industry to catch up with the beach. Weichai Power has always been favored by users in the western region. On the one hand, Weichai Power continues to innovate and has leading technological advantages. On the other hand, Weichai Power's value creation to customers has always provided an efficient fuel-efficient power solution for end users. .

According to reports, Weichai's power-efficient fuel-efficient power solutions are inseparable from its leading applications of "D-speed power" and "optimal powertrain matching technology." First of all, Weichai Power upgraded its engine body structure. In addition to the PW injection pump, it also optimized the structure of injectors, superchargers, and pistons to ensure that the engine can further reduce fuel consumption. Second, Weichai's power is based on The relationship between the engine rated speed, maximum output torque and engine fuel consumption, forming the best matching technology for low speed engine and torque converter, reducing the engine rated speed from 2200rpm to 2000rpm, the engine's working area from high fuel consumption area to low fuel consumption area Translation, to achieve the power system to save fuel; At the same time, the application of electromagnetic fan makes the fan speed can be automatically adjusted according to the engine water temperature changes in the water pipe, greatly reducing the engine fan wasted power loss, thereby reducing engine fuel consumption.

In the fuel-efficient experience event, the guests attended the test site and watched the fuel consumption comparison test of the loader performing the shoveling operation. Compared with the fuel consumption data obtained in writing and the real-time fuel consumption test data, the user's friends can more intuitively understand the working parameters such as fuel consumption, engine speed, and water temperature of the construction machinery during the shoveling operation, and pass the Weichai professional technicians. Introduced on site and learned how to avoid excessive loss of equipment due to improper operation.

The person in charge of Weichai Power stated that “the fuel-efficient power Weichai Bank’s purpose is to verify the fuel-saving parameters of Weichai engines on the field, so that the majority of users can experience the fuel-efficient effects of the innovative Weichai engine products, increase the efficiency of user use, and build a conservation-minded society for China. We will make our own efforts. Weichai Power will also let more users and distributors personally witness the innovation and vitality of Weichai Power in the following activities."

After years of innovation and development, Weichai Power has become a symbol of China's engine industry. With the application of superior product quality and innovative technologies, the brand image of “China's No.1 Power” has long enjoyed a reputation both at home and abroad. The innovative move has expanded the layout of Weichai Power in the international market, and has also accelerated the technological upgrading of China's engine industry. Weichai Power is interpreting the vitality of innovation in progress and providing the world with a strong “green Chinese heart”.

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