Nanche Yuchai made "giant" diesel engine to be unveiled at the Western World Expo


Recently, the reporter learned from CSR Sichuan Yuchai Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CSR Yuchai Company) that the NY9320, a high-power mid-speed diesel engine independently developed by the company and with its own independent intellectual property rights, will be unveiled at the 13th China Western Expo Equipment. Manufacturing hall.

In recent years, CSR Yuchai relied on strong engine R&D and manufacturing resources to vigorously promote independent innovation. Starting in 2010, it invested a large amount of funds to independently develop the high-end NY9320 engine products. In September 2011, the first NY9320 high-power engine was assembled and successfully tested on October 26 of the same year.

It is understood that the NY9320 diesel engine weighs 62 tons and can be called a "giant" in diesel engines. The model adopts a number of advanced technologies such as a modular structure and an automatic safety monitoring device. At the same time, the diesel engine's main body, crankshafts, connecting rods and other major key components have all been domestically produced. The advancement of its design concept, the advanced use of technology, the extensibility of configuration space, the broad scope of application, the convenience of inspection and maintenance, the interchangeability of major components, and the low cost of application and maintenance costs make this diesel engine capable of Simple, high-strength, high-economy, low-emission, long-life, and easy-to-maintain features have better technology and price advantages than domestic and foreign diesel engines of the same type, and they are used in the domestic ship's main auxiliary power and land-use power generation fields. Huge market potential.

At present, the “Zhongxiao Power Engine Industrialization Project” and the “High-end marine engine engine manufacturing project” of the Nanchao Yuchai Company with the NY320 series as its leading product have been listed as key support projects for strategic emerging industries in Sichuan Province.

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