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                 Dongfeng Nursery School Bus         

                            - Because of professionalism, so excellent!

Big brands on the brand value of ten billion yuan, China's top 500 manufacturing. The products are in full compliance with the national regulations. The Dongfeng Children's Special School Bus is strictly in accordance with the “School Bus Standard” promulgated by the State on December 30, 2009 and implemented on July 1, 2010, and passed by the 197th Executive Meeting of the State Council on March 28 , 2012 . The school bus safety management regulations develop and produce a special kindergarten car.

Full compliance with national regulations Dongfeng Kindergarten School Bus is a special kindergarten school bus developed and produced in strict accordance with the “School Bus Standard” that was promulgated by the State on December 30, 2009 and started on July 1, 2010. Dongfeng special school bus series . It is a special school bus model that meets the national school bus regulations on the market .

   The school bus adopts the school bus pattern required by the national regulations , 250G storage hard disk , warning light for school bus loading, school bus stop notice, ABS system, front disc rear drum double circuit vacuum power brake, special child seat, The whole car seat belt and other configurations. It adopts safety technology such as full-loaded body, front-projection front (anti-collision), 35cm first step (child safety from top to bottom). Taking such a comprehensive and professional infant school bus , parents and the community are more at ease!
Appearance fashion, enhance the kindergarten image Dongfeng kindergarten school bus appearance using bionics principle audit, stylish appearance, smart and lovely, appearance, car lights were national patents. Its appearance is dazzling, fashionable and novel! It is of great help to improve the image of kindergartens, increase their visibility, and improve the conditions for running schools.

High-tech content, comfortable ride The car imitation animal shape, combination of lights , full-load body is the "Eurostar" and other luxury passenger cars used technology. It adopts four-wheel independent suspension of cars, drum brakes at the front and rear of the vehicle, and a smart bus for the whole vehicle circuit. Steering, clutch, brake, throttle, circuit and other control systems are all commercial vehicle technologies. The space inside the car is spacious and transparent; the panoramic large glass window can be slid sideways, with a wide field of vision and air circulation; Small engine vibration and low noise. Driving comfort and flexibility. The entire vehicle demonstrates the high-tech content of Dongfeng products and the wisdom of Dongfeng people.

Convenient after-sales service More than 1,100 Dongfeng service stations throughout the country make maintenance more convenient and solve the user's worries. After being put on the market, it has been praised by users. It can be another excellent model of Dongfeng Motor!

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