Sudden stop-fire emergency while driving sprinkler


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The sprinkler manufacturer reminds you that when driving a green sprinkler, the engine is often stopped due to fuel supply interruption or fire, and it cannot be restarted for a time. It may cause the car to stop on the carriageway and cause a collision (more dangerous on the highway). When this happens, you should take the following emergency measures:

1)   Continuously step on the accelerator pedal 2 or 3 times, reverse the ignition switch and try to start again successfully. If the start is successful, do not continue driving, but the car should be driven to check the roadside parking.

2)   Use inertia to stop over. If you try to start again and fail, you shouldn’t be lucky enough to miss an emergency. The right turn signal should be turned on, use the inertia of the car, and steer the steering wheel to make the car slowly drive to the side of the road, open the parking warning light, check the cause of the flameout, and promptly eliminate it.

[Remember that] In the middle of the discovery process, the engine suddenly turned off. Do not brake arbitrarily before you step over. Use the inertial energy that may be used to waste it. Take the opportunity to taxi and stop.

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