Sprinklers contradict bicycles at night


When driving a sprinkler at night, the proportion of accidents with bicycles is highest because of the large size of the vehicle. The main reason is that there is no light on the bicycle. The cyclist is dazzling when he comes under the light of the vehicle. He cannot see the road. He often rides the bicycle into the road, or falls down in the ditch, or even falls suddenly when the car approaches. Under the wheel. Therefore, you should be cautious when you encounter riding a bike at night, especially when you are riding a bicycle on a remote road.

The taboos do not take any measures. The strong lights directly shine on the cyclist, or they continue to use lights to make them dazzled and do not know what to do. When you go beyond cycling in the same direction, you must not only see the condition of the car’s driving route in front, but also see the condition of the road in front of the bicycle so that the bicycle will not fall or suddenly turn into the middle of the road, which will affect the safety of the vehicle. Taboos only care about their own driving, regardless of the practice of bicycles. In the face of an oncoming bicycle, the same method used to meet the car should be used. Turn off the headlights, turn on the lights, or intermittently turn on and off the headlights to observe the road ahead. If you find that the bicycle is rickety and the cyclist's eyes are blind, it means that the cyclist can't see the road or panic. At this time should reduce the speed, turn off the headlights, if necessary, immediately stop, and use the headlights to observe the situation of the bike, taboo to continue to adventure.

 Our ZKS series Vacuum Feeder can automatically convey materials to all mixer machines, to the packaging machine, Grinding machine, and other machines. For the mixers , such as V-shape Mixing Machine, Two Dimensional Mixer and three dimensional mixer, as well as HJ Double Cone Mixer etc, they are all ok with the feeder.  This vacuum feeder not only reduce the labor intensity of workers, but also solves the powder spilling problem when feeding materials.

Our ZKS series vacuum feeder could be used to feed the following materials in pharmacy, food, chemical, and agriculture industries.
Pharmacy: raw material medicine, powdery materials, granular materials, mixture, tablet, coating pills, capsules, etc

Food Industry: additives, raw materials, candy, coating pillet, cocoa powder, flavoring, crystals, etc.
Chemical Industry: industrial raw material, dyestuff, etc.
Agriculture: bulk materials.

Working Principle
The material suction nozzle and the whole system of our vacuum feeder are in a vacuum state. The powdery or granular materials together with the outside air are sucked into the suction nozzle and form a material-air-flow, and are sent into the feed hopper through the material suction pipe. In the feed hopper, the air and material are separated, and the materials enter into a device that accepts materials. This feeder is equipped with a back-blow device. When feeding materials, the compressed air pulse will backflow the filter and make the powder adhered to the surface of the filter drop, so as to ensure the feeder could suck materials normally.

Vacuum Feeder

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