Dongfeng School Bus Enters Golden Age


  Dongfeng School Bus Enters Golden Age

With the frequent accidents caused by some "retrofitted" school buses, there is a growing demand for the introduction of school bus standards in China. On December 27th, 2011, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology sought opinions on four mandatory national standards, including the “Technical Conditions for School Bus Safety”, and clearly defined the bodywork and loading quality, and referred to the European and American school bus safety standards and school bus regulations in some US states. .

The Hubei automobile industry is second to none in the country, but in the school bus industry, Hubei automobile companies have also taken the lead. In the future, the "Hubei-made" school bus will enter more campuses and will escort wide-college students for a safe journey.

National school bus demand will exceed 1 million

At present, about 90 million students in China need professional school buses, and people in the industry speculate that the market capacity in the country will exceed 1 million in the future. According to estimates by the Ministry of Education, purchasing a school bus at a pre-school and compulsory education level nationwide requires only RMB 300 billion for a government purchase, plus an annual update of 10%-15% for maintenance, operation, and annual investment. 100 million yuan.

For China's automobile enterprises, this is a new market that has not yet been developed. As early as March 2007, China officially implemented the "Standards for Technical Standards for School Buses". Dongfeng , Yutong, Chang'an , Wuling, SAIC, Iveco, and more than 100 models of more than 100 models are all on the school bus announcement issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Directory. However, as a branch of the commercial vehicle sector, the school bus industry has always been little attention.

The data shows that in 2010, the country’s school bus sales were 3,148, which only accounted for 1% of the total sales of passenger cars. Among them, Dongfeng, Yutong, and Changan accounted for 50% of the total market. Although the local company Dongfeng’s school bus ranks among the top three in the country, its sales volume is also minimal in the commercial vehicle segment.

" Dongfeng Lotus " rollover test is perfect

This year, companies with school bus production qualifications clearly feel that orders have increased. Dongfeng Touring Car Company introduced a total of more than 630 school buses sold this year, which is the best year for the company since the production of school buses. "Orders have already been placed until after March 2012." According to preliminary estimates by the reporter, the sales volume of Hubei school buses this year will exceed 2,000.

It is the excellent quality of school buses in Hubei Province that supports the increase in sales volume. It is understood that the major school bus accidents that occurred in China in the past were caused by the impact of a sideways crash. Therefore, in the mandatory standards solicitation opinions announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, school buses are required to add front and rear bumpers, and rollover tests must be performed.

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