New solar street lights illuminate farmers' new life


In the past, it was dark walking and enjoying the cold. Now the village is equipped with solar LED street lights. The whole village is like a small city. When night falls, the two big balloon-like street lights in front of Lu Shaoting's house in Huifeng Village, Tudian Town, Tongxiang City will light up. Lu Laobo will move out of the stool and sit down with his wife happily. In recent years, Tongxiang has vigorously promoted solar LED street lights, and installed 700 new solar street lamps in 12 administrative villages in the city to illuminate the new life of farmers.
The rainy day street lamp shines brightly and comes to Huifeng Village in Tudian Town. A lit street lamp is connected into a line, which makes the night country dress very beautiful.
These street lights are newly installed this year and cost more than 200,000 yuan. Wei Mingrong, deputy secretary of the Party branch of HSBC Village, said that each LED pole of the solar LED street lamp is independent, there is no wire connected, there is a solar panel on it, and there is a battery underneath. During the day, the solar panels charge the battery, and at night the battery supplies power to the lamps.
In HSBC Village, there is a small episode in the construction of solar street lights. At the beginning, the villagers were unfamiliar with solar LED street lights, so they chose traditional solar street lights. The light does not illuminate when it encounters continuous rainy weather. Wei Mingrong pointed to the dozens of lights in front of HSBC Home Court.
Unlike traditional solar street lights, solar LED street lights combine solar street lights with LED technology, even in continuous rainy days. Wang Maosheng, head of the Resource Management Section of Tongxiang City Agricultural Economics Bureau, told reporters that in the case of continuous rainy weather, solar LED street lights can be used for 5 to 7 days.
HSBC Village completed the construction of 80-inch solar LED street lights this year. Nowadays, the villagers' nightlife is also enriched. Every night, everyone is scrambling to go for a walk and dance in the farmers' park.
Energy saving and lower carbon consumption In Shilanqiao Village of Heshan Town, in order to light up the village night, 50 new solar LED street lights are also under construction.
The villagers need street lights and they are worried that they can't afford the electricity bill. We have to build a good and affordable rural streetlight project for the villagers, so that the village road will not only light up, but it will continue to shine. Lu Jiangen, secretary of the Party branch of Shilanqiao Village, told reporters that the roads in the village are relatively long. If you choose to pull the city, you need to pull the wires and cables. In some places, you need to open the road and break the road. The cost is not low, and the management is troublesome. The electricity bill of several thousand yuan per year is also a small expense.

Rice Hulling Combination Rice Machine

The combined rice husker has the advantages of low power, low energy consumption, large output, easy operation and good maintenance. The machine consists of a single-link elevator, a multifunctional cleaning and stone removing machine, a new split rice huller ( the core part of the equipment ), a double-link elevator, a grain rough separating screen, a negative pressure rice refining machine, a broken rice separating screen, a multifunctional crusher and a central centralized controller. The fuselage is made of wear-resistant glass pipes, which are durable and beautiful.

Equipment parameter:

Equipment model Rice output(kg/h) Milled rice rate(%) Weight of equipment(kg) Equipment power(kw) Dimension(L×W×H) Power input(V/Hz)
MLNS 20/15 700-1000 69-75 1650 33 3200×1900×3000 380/50

Main characteristics of rice milling machine:

1. compact construction, beautiful appearance.

2. less broken rice increment.

3. easy to operate.

4. steady performance.

5. national patents.

rice milling machine

MLNS 20/15 Rice Mill Machine

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