Popularization of air-energy heat pumps helps to alleviate the greenhouse effect


In recent years, the greenhouse effect has become a hidden cause for people to over-pollution and develop resources. As global temperatures continue to rise, the threat of climate change to human production and living is increasing. Energy has become the focus of global attention. The use of energy in China has been referred to the strategic height of survival and development. The "Renewable Energy Law" implemented on January 1, 2006 has brought unprecedented attention and attention to various types of energy applications.

A few days ago, with the help of the government's ladder of tariffs, energy-saving subsidies and other policies, air-powered water heaters have been heavily attacked. Whether it is from the social environment or the economic market is a great gospel.

According to experts in the air conditioning and refrigeration market, “air energy is the development and breakthrough of solar thermal utilization technology. The development and utilization of air energy has enormous social and economic benefits. In 1924, air source heat pump technology came into being. This technology is based on the inverse. The energy-saving and environmentally-friendly heating technology established by the Carnot Cycle principle, which uses heat pumps to increase the use of energy efficiency, and the use of energy efficiency, from the environmental point of view, can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and reduce the harmful factors to the environment. From another aspect, it is also a technology to solve the high altitude load."

In recent years, the inexhaustible clean and renewable energy sources such as air-energy water heaters have begun to be taken seriously throughout the country and are gradually entering our lives. Air-energy heat pump water heaters are currently the fourth-generation water heaters in the water heater industry. From a macro point of view, air-powered water heaters continuously recycle the hot air emitted by air-conditioners, the hot gases emitted by automobiles, and the waste heat discharged by industrial products, and then heat domestic hot water or dry. Processed products reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the recycling of industrial waste heat in the air. If the global water heater market accounts for half of the air energy water heaters, use technology to protect the environment. It is believed that this will greatly reduce the greenhouse effect.

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