Safety new national standard implements April retarder hard to become domestic truck preferred


As of today, the new national standard GB7258-2012 "Motor Vehicle Operational Safety Conditions" has been implemented for more than four months, but the implementation effect is not as optimistic as many companies think.

The reporter recently found that although the new national standard stipulates that "more than 12 tons of trucks and dangerous goods transport vehicles will be forced to install retarders or other auxiliary braking devices," the retarder companies have not ushered in the spring of market growth. Instead, exhaust brakes are popular.

Most of the auxiliary brake system is still exhaust brake

In the past two years, as the sales of domestic automobiles, especially trucks, have risen sharply, the number of related traffic accidents has also risen in a straight line. The reason is that the level of domestic car safety technology is low, and truck users' safety awareness is not very high and they have a great responsibility.

To this end, experts from the automotive sector within the United Nations of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly conducted a new round of revisions to the already existing standard for automotive safety technology, GB7258, “Technical Conditions for Safe Operation of Motor Vehicles,” which was later known by the industry as GB7258-2012 Motor Vehicles. Operational safety technical conditions (hereinafter referred to as the new national standard). The new national standard has been enforced on September 1, 2012.

The new national standard sets more terms for the safety of commercial vehicles. It states: "Trucks and dangerous goods vehicles exceeding 12 tons will be forced to install retarders or other auxiliary braking devices."

“Because of the high price of retarder, truck users will not be able to accept it for a time. Therefore, most of the auxiliary braking systems installed on trucks with a capacity of over 12 tons are still exhaust brakes.” Member of the National Automobile Standardization Technical Committee According to Tan Xiuqing, an AQSIQ automotive recall expert, “Although the effect of exhaust braking is not as good as a retarder, it is a relatively effective auxiliary braking method in terms of the current domestic truck safety technology level.”

"The retarder has not been heard, but the exhaust brake is very familiar, because heavy vehicles have been there a few years ago." Sinotruk's Beijing agent - a business of Yaohui Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. The manager said. He said that some heavy-duty truck models had exhaust brakes on the system very early. Up to now, Yaohui’s heavy-duty trucks are basically equipped with this system.

The reporter learned from the interviews with truck dealers in some cities in China that users are very familiar with exhaust brakes, because “exhaust brakes have been used on trucks for several years”.

Futian Auman, a Henan dealer told the reporter that he has not yet received a policy notice to install an auxiliary braking system. “For the retarder, there are now some customers who have specifically requested fitting; exhaust brakes are now fitted on vehicles.”

"Exhaust braking, JAC Gehl has more than 12 tons of vehicles are equipped." Similarly, JAC Gehrfa Beijing dealers also said that the exhaust brake is not a new thing for the user, and the user to it Also very much recognized. He also said that if the user has demand, JAC Gehlfa can also install a retarder on the car at the first time.

Retarder Enterprise: Promoting Truck Retarders

It is reasonable to say that the implementation of the new national standard is the largest non-retarder company for profit. However, when the reporter interviewed some retarder manufacturers, they were worried about the promotion of the retarder, not the original optimism.

“There is almost no impact because our truck retarder promotion effect is very general in 2012.” When talking about the impact of the implementation of the new national standard, Zhao Yalan, director of East China's Talmax Automotive Braking System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said. Speaking of specific reasons, Zhao Yalan believes that domestic truck transportation groups are mainly individual users. “Individual users are very concerned about prices, and adding a retarder is a few tens of thousands of dollars, and few users are able to accept it.”

Similarly, when talking about the new national standard, Peng Zhenjun, sales manager for Voith Turbo (China) South China, also believes that the regulations are relatively loose. “The key is an 'or' or 'word'. This 'or' word in the standard greatly reduces the actual significance of this policy, especially the promotion of the retarder.”

In his view, the current domestic market for the retarder truck is still relatively "inaudible." The reason why he was "insensitive" was that he explained that currently only a very small number of users in China have opted for a retarder, mainly for heavy-duty, dangerous-goods transport users in the mountains. "The proportion of such users is even less than 1%. In 2012, although we vigorously promoted and actively tested with major domestic truck companies, we eventually sold more than 100 units."

On the other hand, Peng Zhenjun also believes that although there will not be too much change in the market within a year or two, after 3-5 years, the market capacity will reach 100,000 units from the current number of hundreds. “In my opinion, the things behind the word “or” in the new national standard can be completely saved. In other words, now we don’t have to touch the stones to cross the river. Someone has already built a bridge for us because the retarder is in Europe. It is already proved to be a very important device, and it plays a key role in improving the safety performance of trucks and reducing accidents. The relevant departments will always recognize this, and what we need to do now is to wait.”

GB7258-2012 still has practical significance

Since the retarder is currently unacceptable to the user, the exhaust brake is another type of auxiliary brake system. As early as a few years ago, the truck was already equipped with an exhaust brake, and the user is more approving. Then the new national standard What kind of practical significance does it have?

In this regard, Tan Xiuqing said, "The reality of the new national standard can not be understood so." “Although some years ago, domestic trucks had already started using exhaust brake auxiliary braking systems, but at that time they were only assembled on vehicles with more than 18 tons, and the country had no mandatory requirements. It can be said that 18 tons The above vehicle is not equipped with an exhaust brake system, and it is entirely up to the company's willingness."

Tan Xiuqing emphasized that through the implementation of the new national standard, on the one hand, it is possible to expand the vehicles with exhaust brakes from 18 tons or more to more than 12 tons, and further expand the scope of exhaust brake assembly; on the other hand, through the implementation of the new national standard. It can also regulate the industry safety technical standards and play a mandatory role for the company to further improve the safety level of domestic transportation vehicles.

In addition, "through the implementation of the new national standard, we can publicize and popularize retarders with better auxiliary braking performance," and will be able to pave the way for extensive promotion of retarders in the future."

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